Thursday, 30 April 2015

Soigne Printemps Collection 2015 | Review

Soigne Printemps Collection 2015 £11 each - If you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram, you will know that I no longer put anything on my nails other than Soigné and my obsession grows month on month. When they launched this Printemps collection (I have googled and found that Printemps is a French department store, if you didn't know!) I snapped up two of the newbies straight away, Creme  Bavarois and Vanille took my eye and I teamed them up with Le Poivre for good measure. There is actually a third addition to the Printemps collection, Canneberge, that is winging it's way to me as we speak however if I'm honest the soft grey took my fancy a bit more back when I ordered these. I absolutely adore Soigné Nail Varnishes, you only ever need two good coats to get a completely opaque finish and three will give you a glossy gel effect in no time at all. They also have fabulous staying power, a week is the most I've got out of these and I usually do some sort of activity to chip them towards the end which is never their fault. They always have offers on throughout the month and I find them bringing out new colours fairly often, I've actually just placed an order for 6 more (yes you heard me correct) however I managed to get 40% off as I spent over £30 so I could justify the splurge and when they arrive I promise I'll stop for long enough to do an entire collection post with swatches and everything! They also all come in their own individual boxes which look beautiful and it pains me to throw away each time, and the few collections that I've bought altogether also come in the most luxurious packaging. To think that these are the same price as many that you can buy on the high street with no nice box or anything always urges me to buy them every month. It's always my payday treat to myself and although I say next month I'll only buy the one, they always seem to hear me and put on a tempting offer just as I get paid! The only downside I have with them is that they use worldly on their site which has failed for me once before but as soon as they found out, it was rectified in an instant. I also wish that they were in a store somewhere as I'm now dubious to buy any similar colours incase they're too much the same when they arrive, some of their swatches on the site aren't the most accurate either as I thought I was buying a deep red and it was a lot brighter once it arrived, but it's still a lovely colour in itself that I've already got loads of wear out of and once you know things like this, you can account for it when looking at swatches in the future. Have you tried any Soigne polishes yet? If not, why not?! This has to be my most highly recommended product of 2015 and I'm trying to think of creative ways to display them when I move out. 

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