Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Stila Glamoureyes Mascara | Review

Stila Glamoureyes Mascara £15 - Here is another Stila product that I consider to be quite cheap considering the price of some of their other products and compared to the price of other mascaras from similar brands (Benefit and your £19.50 price tag, I'm looking at you). I have tried every single one of Stila's mascaras when I worked for them previously and this one was 100% my favourite and my go-to mascara. It gives you a really sexy, cat flick like look to your lashes that pulls them both up and out to the side. I personally have really long lashes so I don't like anything that adds too much length but still want to look like I'm wide eyed. This delivers on every single point for a mascara in my opinion, it gives fantastic volume, just the right amount of length and the short wand means that you are always 100% in control. You can really get down into the root of your lashes to manipulate them to be pulled out to the side. I also like that the brush itself isn't too big, sometimes with volumising mascaras the brush is just huge and it ends up in a black smudgey mess, however this is still a reasonable size so you can be really accurate with your application and create the exact look that you want to. Although I no longer work for Stila anymore, this is just one of many things I'll keep on repurchasing! 

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