Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Stila Kitten Shimmer | Review

Stila All Over Shimmer Powder Kitten £15 - One thing that I have noticed with Stila is that their prices are teensy bit all over the place, their Magnificent Metals Eyeshadows are an eye watering £33.50 each whereas this little beauty is a mere £15. I *think* they may be slowly creeping their prices up with their Stay All Day Eyebrows going from £13.50 to £16 over the Spring but I'm not 100%. Back to this little beauty, as soon as I was introduced to this, it has become a firm staple in my everyday makeup routine and I've had so many comments on how pretty it is. It's a product that unless you're in the right light you can't wholly tell you've put on when you first apply it but it catches the sunlight beautifully and just gives you a radiant glow over your cheekbones that makes you look happy & healthy even during the bleakness of winter in England. For just £15 I think that this is a fab product, I've had it since about October of last year and as you can see I still have masses of use in it, I converted my sister and a number of my friends to it too and I know many people who adore it. You need the smallest amount on your brush to simply dust wherever you want highlighting and wait for it to catch the light and do it's magic. As I said previously, it's not a highlighter in that it makes that part of your face any lighter, so if you're into your contouring you'll still need something else to do that, but it adds a slight shimmer (that's by no means glittery) that will leave others desperate to know what you're wearing. 

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