Thursday, 9 April 2015

Topshop Lipsticks | Review

Topshop Lipsticks £8 - I, like a few others I know, was slightly sceptical to try Topshop's makeup range as often those coming from fashion brands aren't brilliant. However catch me on a day when I'm feeling spendy and it seems that I'll be happy to give anything a whirl. I picked up two lipsticks from Topshop a little while ago now, the vivid pink being "It's all about me" and the paler offering being "saint". I was trying to broaden my horizons in terms of lip colour and the price tag seemed like a good compromise between not spending too much and it being a wasted investment, and spending too little and the formula letting them down. Unfortunately Saint is just too pale for me, I don't like nude lips to look too fake and if it's lighter than my natural lip colour then I feel like I look as though I'm trying to bring back foundation lips. However It's All About Me is beautiful, it broke me into wearing more bold colours and although it's staying power isn't fantastic, it's certainly good enough. It's a wonderful product to wear on say, a shopping trip out, not your most expensive lipstick so you cringe as wearing it for anything other than the moment you get engaged or meet the queen, but good enough that you can rely on it to hold up fairly well. It's a bright, vivid pink that is slightly deeper than it shows up in these photos and has a semi-matte finish. I don't like my lipsticks to be too shiny or glossy as I prefer a matte look and this is a nice inbetween. I always have a browse at the Topshop makeup now, in particular their nail varnishes which are actually really good, and I'm more than willing to try out some of their other products and branch out as soon as my bank balance allows.

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