Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control | Review

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control* £37 -  So recently the beautiful people at Clarins did the 'No Body's Perfect' Campaign to celebrate how we are all different and that is exactly what makes us all beautiful in our own, unique way. As such, we all need to remember to care for our body's differently and especially with body and skincare, what works for one person, won't necessarily work for another. At the grand old age of 22 I've actually been suffering quite badly with cellulite on the back of my thighs after my weight's yoyo'd for the past two years and to be honest, I had been dreading summer and having to maybe get my pins out. The point of Clarin's Campaign was exactly this though, not every 22 year old will have that problem, not every woman will have that problem, and I may not have issues that someone else does. That's why it's so good that their product range is so vast that no matter what your concern, hang up or treat to yourself may be, they're sure to have something to suit you. Luckily for me I was given the chance to try their Body Lift Cellulite Control and I in no way exaggerate when I say, this has changed my life. I was so, so dubious when I first got this as I've always been of the opinion that it's more the notion of rubbing anything in to your skin that creates the result rather than the product itself however I have been converted. A combination of this stuff and hammering the squats and two months later, I am so much more confident about my legs and I personally can barely see any cellulite there. I apply this at least once a day (I know it's supposed to be twice but I've normally put my work trousers on before I remember... oops!) and it's super lightweight, it tingles slightly on the skin which is really cooling for after I've jumped off the sunbed (it's my guilty pleasure, don't hate me). I like when I can feel a product working and the slight tingle on the skin certainly means that I can with this, it always helps me to know when I've applied enough and that I've covered all of the right area (guessing where the cellulite is on the backs of your legs can be quite difficult you know). I still have so much of this left and I'm hoping not to use it up before summer as it's honestly been a god send. Go to your nearest Clarins counter and have a chat with them about what they can do for you, I promise you'll come away with some fantastic advice and a wishlist as long as your arm!

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste & Brush | Review

Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste & Brush £4* - I'll not lie to you, when the TLC Pharmacy offered me the chance to review a new toothpaste I wasn't exactly bursting with excitement, unfortunately I am like the beauty version of a magpie and obviously, it's not exactly pretty. But it is a necessity (for those who I want to be friends with, anyway) and we all lust after pearly whites and anything that will help us achieve those. I didn't actually realise that you could get toothbrushes that were specific for whitening so that did intrigue me and I have to say it didn't disappoint. I never really pay much attention to the toothpaste that I buy and I normally just grab the biggest one that I can find that's on offer however I'll certainly be looking for this in my local pharmacies and supermarkets once it runs out. I'm not brave enough to show you a picture of my actual teeth but trust me when I say that I have definitely noticed a difference. Obviously things such as whitening toothpastes don't do their business overnight but straight away my teeth both looked and felt more clean and a few weeks on I find myself constantly doing that silly grin in the mirror to check out just how squeaky clean and white they look. Some whitening toothpastes can give you those funny 'milk' spots that are like a superficial whiteness that I don't think is actually good for your teeth (correct me if I'm wrong!) however this didn't do that. It was just a gradual transformation from dull into sparkling and I now feel totally summer ready. It may be that I've toned my hair down and ramped the tan up but I really feel as though my teeth look like they're gleaming. At £4 it is more expensive than most of your common brands but I'm never sure whether I can trust what they actually achieve and if a product is actually going to show a difference, then I'm happy to pay that little bit extra. Luckily toothbrushes last for ages with me as I'm quite a gentle brusher as this was good go to straight from the word go (none of that horrid roughness to begin with) and I think that it's probably a combination of the two that's given me the results I've achieved. Elgydium also do anti-plaque and sensitive versions of their toothpastes along with the matching brushes that I don't doubt will be just as good so they really have everyone covered. What do you use to achieve pearly whites?

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Lily Rose Co Wishlist

Lily Rose Co. is a wonderful website full of cute homeware ideas that are affordable and slightly different from what you may find on the high street. I don't like walking into a house and knowing that they're definitely Next Directory customers, I want my home to really show who we are and our tastes and be a mixture of all different pieces. I could spend so much money on the Lily Rose Co website and I know that I'd walk away with so many great things.

 1. Polka Dot Monogrammed Mug £9.20 each - You may have noticed a slight theme here that I like personalised items so anything that I can get in a B and a J is instantly a winner, these are so cute and even though we're not huge hot drink lovers, we're partial to a Sunday morning cup of tea or hot chocolate.

2. Home Shaped Chalk Board £4.50 - This looks so homely and perfect for the image I have of our kitchen. It's so affordable too and I can just picture myself writing J little love notes on here before I go to work.

3. Always Kiss Me Goodnight Frame £16.95 - This would go perfectly with my grey themed bedroom (and every other room) but is so true, they say the key to a long relationship is never to go to bed on an argument.

4. Besotted Mugs £22.90 - These look absolutely fantastic, the right amount of cute and modern and 100% my taste.

5. Copper Glass Tealight Holder £3.50 - These are so on trend being copper and for just £3.50 I can see myself picking up quite a few of these!

6. Porcelain Diamond Cut Vase £6.90 - I want this in both colours as I think they look so edgy and cute but will totally fit in to my new home. There'll be a lot of copper accents in my living room and the white will look lovely on a dining table or in the kitchen.

7. Heart Shaped Shelf £17.50 - I have been looking for a fantastic way to display all of my Soigné Nail Varnishes as I have so many of them and they look so pretty. If I'm lucky enough to have a dressing room then I'd love this in there.

8. Geometric Copper Tealight Holder £10.40 - Running along with my copper theme, this is so cute. Like any blogger I'm hugely into my candles but tealights are definitely my thing from a saftey perspective. I can see this looking lovely on a fireplace.

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