Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste & Brush | Review

Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste & Brush £4* - I'll not lie to you, when the TLC Pharmacy offered me the chance to review a new toothpaste I wasn't exactly bursting with excitement, unfortunately I am like the beauty version of a magpie and obviously, it's not exactly pretty. But it is a necessity (for those who I want to be friends with, anyway) and we all lust after pearly whites and anything that will help us achieve those. I didn't actually realise that you could get toothbrushes that were specific for whitening so that did intrigue me and I have to say it didn't disappoint. I never really pay much attention to the toothpaste that I buy and I normally just grab the biggest one that I can find that's on offer however I'll certainly be looking for this in my local pharmacies and supermarkets once it runs out. I'm not brave enough to show you a picture of my actual teeth but trust me when I say that I have definitely noticed a difference. Obviously things such as whitening toothpastes don't do their business overnight but straight away my teeth both looked and felt more clean and a few weeks on I find myself constantly doing that silly grin in the mirror to check out just how squeaky clean and white they look. Some whitening toothpastes can give you those funny 'milk' spots that are like a superficial whiteness that I don't think is actually good for your teeth (correct me if I'm wrong!) however this didn't do that. It was just a gradual transformation from dull into sparkling and I now feel totally summer ready. It may be that I've toned my hair down and ramped the tan up but I really feel as though my teeth look like they're gleaming. At £4 it is more expensive than most of your common brands but I'm never sure whether I can trust what they actually achieve and if a product is actually going to show a difference, then I'm happy to pay that little bit extra. Luckily toothbrushes last for ages with me as I'm quite a gentle brusher as this was good go to straight from the word go (none of that horrid roughness to begin with) and I think that it's probably a combination of the two that's given me the results I've achieved. Elgydium also do anti-plaque and sensitive versions of their toothpastes along with the matching brushes that I don't doubt will be just as good so they really have everyone covered. What do you use to achieve pearly whites?

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