Monday, 4 May 2015

Lily Rose Co Wishlist

Lily Rose Co. is a wonderful website full of cute homeware ideas that are affordable and slightly different from what you may find on the high street. I don't like walking into a house and knowing that they're definitely Next Directory customers, I want my home to really show who we are and our tastes and be a mixture of all different pieces. I could spend so much money on the Lily Rose Co website and I know that I'd walk away with so many great things.

 1. Polka Dot Monogrammed Mug £9.20 each - You may have noticed a slight theme here that I like personalised items so anything that I can get in a B and a J is instantly a winner, these are so cute and even though we're not huge hot drink lovers, we're partial to a Sunday morning cup of tea or hot chocolate.

2. Home Shaped Chalk Board £4.50 - This looks so homely and perfect for the image I have of our kitchen. It's so affordable too and I can just picture myself writing J little love notes on here before I go to work.

3. Always Kiss Me Goodnight Frame £16.95 - This would go perfectly with my grey themed bedroom (and every other room) but is so true, they say the key to a long relationship is never to go to bed on an argument.

4. Besotted Mugs £22.90 - These look absolutely fantastic, the right amount of cute and modern and 100% my taste.

5. Copper Glass Tealight Holder £3.50 - These are so on trend being copper and for just £3.50 I can see myself picking up quite a few of these!

6. Porcelain Diamond Cut Vase £6.90 - I want this in both colours as I think they look so edgy and cute but will totally fit in to my new home. There'll be a lot of copper accents in my living room and the white will look lovely on a dining table or in the kitchen.

7. Heart Shaped Shelf £17.50 - I have been looking for a fantastic way to display all of my Soigné Nail Varnishes as I have so many of them and they look so pretty. If I'm lucky enough to have a dressing room then I'd love this in there.

8. Geometric Copper Tealight Holder £10.40 - Running along with my copper theme, this is so cute. Like any blogger I'm hugely into my candles but tealights are definitely my thing from a saftey perspective. I can see this looking lovely on a fireplace.

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