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Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua | Review

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua £33 - I'm not actually sure whether or not I've done this review before as this was the first ever high end foundation that I bought. I can't see to find it in my archives but it's strange to think that I've never thought to mention this to you all! When I first started blogging, or really taking my makeup seriously, the thought of wearing anything other than full coverage seemed both strange and scary to me, why would I ever choose to wear a sheer coverage foundation?! Eventually after a long battle of finding the right skincare routine for me knowing what I can get away with depending on how tanned I am, I finally came round to the idea. I figured that a high-end offering would probably stand me in better stead than a high street version given that it was my first ever foundation that didn't promise an airbrushed look. 
I actually remember the day that I got my first ever sample of this and I'll be honest, I think I had it applied to my face fully and another sample before I actually took the plunge, at £33 it's not the cheapest of foundations and it's not one that I wear every day. I'll just make this statement right here: if a brand is willing to give me a generous sample then I am 100% more likely to buy the product in the long run. I will never, ever fork out for a foundation over £10 without a good sample and the chance to wear it in differing situations and after wandering around Selfridges in London for a good half an hour, the fact that the lady on the counter was so easy to talk to and so happy to offer me a sample, even though she knew there was only a slight chance I'd actually go back to her personally to purchase it, is what made me buy this eventually. I was really unsure about a sheer coverage foundation and I needed my time to see if I could make it work for me. 
After then having it applied in Debenhams, Nottingham with the rest of my makeup I was 99% sold as it just gave a really nice, luminous finish that honestly just looked like my skin only better. I did want to just try my hand at it myself as, as an ex makeup artist, I know that it's very easy to make a foundation look flawless when you know all of the tricks of the trade and how that particular one works best. Not long after I went back to that very counter in Nottingham (which is not my nearest Chanel counter by far) and very proudly purchased it. 
Admittedly, it doesn't give much coverage at all and this only makes an appearance on good skin days, however I've noticed lately that on weekends I like a much fresher look and especially with summer almost upon us, provided I've had enough sleep the night before, then this is all that I need. I'll hold my hands up and say that it actually takes me longer to do my makeup with this as I find I want to put that bit more effort into all of the other bits and bobs however I think that may be down to a lack of experience with creating a no makeup makeup look. 
The application of this one also goes a little bit against the grain in that you are actually supposed to apply it with your fingers, you shake the bottle and then pop a little bit on the back of your hand before applying it to your face with your fingertips. I always make sure that my hands are squeaky clean before doing this for hygiene reasons and I can testify that it just doesn't work as well with a brush. I also find that you can then go over any areas a bit easier that may need a second touch up. I revert back to my brush when putting on my concealer though.
It stays put all day, even during hot weather and you can barely even feel it on your skin. It may not be for you if you're not confident in your skin however for a day when you may not be leaving the house or maybe you're on holiday and hitting the beach, it's perfect. It's also one of my only foundations that actually contains an SPF (you may all gasp in horror now). It's something that I normally avoid in a foundation however I like that I have this offering in my collection for our rare summer days here in Britain when I'm pottering around in the sun and want a touch of something on my skin and just a splash of SPF. Now I just need the sun...

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