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Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster | Review

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster* £26 - One thing that I think we all strive for at this time of year is a lovely golden glow, some go for a deep bronze whilst others want a more subtle hint of colour which is the perfect thing about the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster. You have all of the control over your colour. It's a gradual tan that you mix in with your moisturiser, meaning that you can really nourish your skin whilst adding a touch of colour. I personally prefer to really know I have a tan when I've applied something and so I use around 5 drops of this in with my Moisture Rich Body Lotion and I find that even after one application my legs look more polished however if I really want to build up some colour I'll start using this at least 3 days in advance. 
The absolutely great thing about the Golden Glow Booster is that you genuinely can do pretty much what you want with it to create the colour that you want, one week I was pretty tanned already so needed to build up quite a deep colour so I used it every single night for 5 days and then in the morning and evening for the day before a wedding. Yet the other week it was sporadically sunny for once and a single application was enough to boost my confidence and give me the smallest hint of colour. You can see the colour build day-by-day enabling you to stop once you've achieved your desired colour or keep applying until you get there. One thing I hate about fake tan is the nervous wait the next morning to reveal your place on the golden goddess to oompa loompa spectrum, I find that most tans are either not dark enough or far too dark or worse still, streaky and patchy! By building it up gradually there's no anxious wait to see how it'll turn out, you can simply wake up, assess your colour and you decide whether or not to apply any more. It also fades just as evenly as it builds, you can barely see it fading away (until you wake up one morning looking like casper once again) which means that should you suddenly need to start reapplying, you can do without worrying it'll go patchy.
Another fab thing about the Golden Glow Booster is that it really encourages you to moisturise, I find that it gets me into a nice routine of moisturising as soon as I get out of the shower. It gets me into the mindset of actually looking at my body (something that used to terrify me) and assessing whether or not I want to add a little colour, and straight away I'm reminded of my need to moisturise. Even without using this my legs have never looked better just due to my moisturising. I only ever used to moisturise my legs if I was A. Wearing a skirt or B. Planning on fake tanning the next day, whereas now I keep well on top of it at all times, I've even noticed that my stretch marks and other lump and bumps are starting to bid farewell. 
For £26 this will last you absolutely ages, I've barely noticed mine go down and although I'm no party animal, I do like to have a bit of colour on me most of the time. You only need a minimum of three drops mixed in with your moisturiser and they predict that if you do so daily it will last you for 3 months. I've had mine for 2 months already and as I just said, I've still got about 90% of it left. I've only used this on my legs so far however it is safe to use on your face also, although if memory serves me correctly I think that they do a specific face one as well. This will see me right through summer and hopefully well into the Autumn and once it's gone, I shall most definitely be repurchasing as it's so handy and is my perfect tanning product. 

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