Sunday, 7 June 2015

Life Update

Does anyone read someone else's life update? Time will tell I suppose and who cares anyway, I wanted to write and document all of the changes that have happened recently as there's been a fair few! Sorry for the lack of photos, the house isn't quite finished yet and I want to show it all in one go once it's done and there aren't any photos about anything else.

House. If you follow me on twitter you may know that I recently moved into mine and James' first home together. I have lived out on my own before but left all of that behind me when I decided to be with James and as such have been back at my Grandparents ever since so I am fairly desperate to move out. James has also been working away during the week for the past 19 weeks and we have just 1 more to go until he's back home to normality and I can stop pining for him constantly. I think we're both at a point where we're ready for our own space and a little nest for us to both come back to and be together after whatever the day has thrown at us and I'm really proud of where we've come. Although we're only renting we've been aloud to paint the house pretty much from top to bottom as it needed a refresh so it really feels like "our" home. He's been absolutely fantastic building mountains of Ikea furniture and my home is fast becoming everything I've ever dreamed of. I just can't wait until it's all finished to show you guys around and start using my beloved new dressing table.

Job. I started my new job back in March and it's really taken me until now to find my feet, it's unlike anything I've ever done before and is pretty unique to that company and role. There are so many systems and screens to learn and it could mean mega bucks for the company if you screw it up so you have to have a pretty intensive training course for the first few months. I'll be honest I really struggle with the training aspect of it as I am someone who was lucky enough to be clever enough to get by easily throughout school so to now have someone constantly telling me what to do is tough! I like to be able to get on with my work without any distractions or input so the biggest thing I've had to learn is how to sit back, admit I don't know it all and let someone guide me. However I'm slowly coming out of that process now and the responsibility feels fantastic.

Body. If you've followed me on twitter or this blog for a while then you'll know I've had a little battle with my weight and have been trying really hard to reach a certain weight by the time my Sister gets married in October. One morning last week I woke up, looked in the mirror and decided that actually, I'm pretty darn happy with how I look now. I posted a photo of James & I on Instagram from a wedding a couple of weeks back and despite my best attempts to pick apart how I looked, I actually think that I look really good and healthy! My bone structure means that I will never be a size 8 as I have naturally wide hips and broad shoulders, but all of my clothes are now a comfortable size 10 and I'm fed up of counting calories or punishing myself in the gym if I indulge. I let myself eat what I want but stay mindful that I am prone to putting weight back on. It's all about moderating and changing your entire lifestyle. I will no longer weigh myself, the only person who will see me on a scales will be my doctor and even then I don't want to hear it. My goal now is to shape up rather than lose weight and just tone what's already there. I've accepted that I'm at a really busy point in my life now and I was making myself miserable thinking that I was letting myself down by not going to the gym or eating 100% correctly. Life gets in the way sometimes and what's important to me now is finding a balance that I can maintain. A gym routine that I enjoy and want to take part in and a diet that isn't really a diet, it's simply eating right and not over indulging.

And that's pretty much this Spring summed up for you! New house, New Job, New positive mental attitude, life looks like it's going to be good guys...

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