Thursday, 11 June 2015

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser | Review

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser £23 - I've heard a lot about the Origins GinZing range in twitter chats and on some of my favourite blogs but for some reason I've never really taken the plunge myself, I got into the Origins Masks last year and have been loving those so when I looked around my skincare stash and realised I've never actually invested in a good moisturiser, I decided to stop by my local Origins counter to see what they had to offer. I wasn't totally expecting the woman working there to suggest this as, if I'm honest, I thought it was only the eye cream in this range but when she said it was light but would still give my combination skin enough moisture to keep it from being dry then I was sold. Although this normally retails at £23 for 50ml, they have an offer on for a 75ml pot which I think was £32, though I may be wrong as it was about 6 weeks ago now! To me £32 seemed like a better buy than £23 and to be honest I haven't really noticed that I've used a lot in the 6 weeks that I've already had it. A little does go a long way and I just dab my finger in the pot and put one spot on each cheek and one on my forehead and that does the trick. It soaks in super quickly which is something that's really important to me when I'm rushing around in the morning and is always something that I need to have in a moisturiser. When I went to the counter I was noticing that my forehead was going a bit "bumpy", like those spots that never really materialise into anything but just sit under the skin for a bit and make your skin look uneven. She suggested to me that the moisturiser that I was using was too rich for my skin and I was actually over-hydrating my skin which made sense because I was being really conscious that my skincare routine wasn't great so I was overcompensating whenever I did use anything. Ever since switching to this my skin has looked brighter and more awake and those dreaded lumps and bumps are long gone! I was also advised to exfoliate more which I have been doing slightly but my friend from the Clarins counter once told me that I was exfoliating too much, so now I feel a bit piggy in the middle! I'm going to upload a post (and maybe a video?!) on m skincare routine soon so I won't say too much but I've started exfoliating whenever I wash my hair (ever 4/5 days) and my night-time cleanser has a really gentle, barely there exfoliant to it. Doing all of this has solved my problem and I feel like my skin is calmer and more soothed now so I am certainly very happy. Would I purchase this again? Probably! I'm a bit of a fiend when it comes to skincare and I like to try absolutely everything so it's rare for me to repurchase things, and this is lasting me so long already that by the time it's finished my little magpie self will have probably lined up something else to try. But I sit here firmly in the knowledge that this works really well on my skin and I can always rely on it to give the results that I want, so a repurchase is never out of the question. 

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