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Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick | Review

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick £15 - When I first tried one of these lipsticks back when I used to work for Stila, I'll admit I was a little bit dubious. They are very matte once they've dried and I usually have pretty dry lips so I wasn't sure that they'd work for me. I think because they're so thick, it doesn't actually matter what condition your lips are in as these will basically coat them completely. Now a word of warning, these are not for the faint hearted. They dry very quickly and very matte, so once you've applied you need to just let it do it's thing. If you try and smudge them once they've set then it just tends to peel so you really have to get used to leaving your lips well alone once you've finished them. The colour is bold and you need to be able to create a really sharp line, there's no room for errors, I always use a lip pencil to draw myself a bit of a guide to work up to and I always use a brush as you can be far more accurate. 
The lasting power of these is insane, they wear a little on the inside of your lip if you eat or drink but this can be touched up easily. The bulk of this will last perfectly until you take it off at night, I have fallen asleep with this on (oops!) and woken up with it perfectly in tact in the next morning, it was a very strange look trust me. For £15 I think that they're pretty good value for money, it looks as though you get a lot of product and you don't need a lot to create a full and powerful look. They do come in more neutral colours but due to how thick and matte they are, I think that it works a lot better in the darker shades. 
It feels like velvet when you first apply it and I'll reiterate that you have to just leave it to work it's magic and set. Once it's done that then it isn't going anywhere. It also smells beautiful, it reminds me of vanilla. Not something that I usually look for in a lipstick but it's lovely nevertheless. Overall I think that these are great if you want to start expanding your collection and try something a bit different. I have Patina, a dark neutral colour that is the one that I reach for the most, with a simple catflick and a slick of bronzer this makes for a super "vogue" look. Beso is the bright red that looks fantastic with a smokey eye to create a really bold look and a vibrant red lip that will last all night. My third one is Aria, a dark almost plum colour that will come out to play again next autumn, it creates a fantastic vampy lip than even I feel comfortable in. I definitely like to keep my eyes simple with these as the colour is just so intense but sometimes it's nice to have the focus elsewhere. 

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