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Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation | Review

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation £30.50 - On my MacBook I have a little collection of photos of products that aren't particularly new but that at some point I will probably want to have a little rave and a scream about, when I sat down to blog this evening this was the first photo that popped up in my gallery and I tell you now, it could not have been better timing. I have been loving this foundation recently, unfortunately it's slightly too pale for my current skin tone so if I don't have time to bronze myself up in areas then I can look a little ghostly but when I have the time to put some effort in to my makeup then this looks flawless. I wear this is most of my YouTube videos (although I only have 2 uploaded at the moment!) as it has no SPF so looks wonderful on camera. It's for that reason that this is always my go-to foundation if I'm going somewhere where I know I'll have my photo taken as nothing ever looks as radiant or picture perfect as this. It's a fairly medium to heavy coverage that's definitely buildable to hide even the most stubborn patches of redness or blemishes! 
I will admit that when researching this for my blog post, I was a tad surprised to see that it is now £30.50, I'm sure that I paid £27 for it around 18 months ago so to see that it's hiked up in price rather considerably is a shame, however it's only caught up to it's NARS and Chanel rivals so it's not hugely expensive. Another bug bear will Illamasqua is how sparse the stores are in the UK, I've only ever seen one in Sheffield, Birmingham or London and they're all so far from me that I can't really stock up a very good collection or easily go to get match for my summer shade. I won't part with that sort of cash without seriously eyeing up the goods in person first so for me, Illamasqua does often get over looked as a brand. When I do get the chance to try things I have never been disappointed yet, it's just a shame that they are so few and far between. Come to Nottingham Illamasqua!
The bottle is also a little fiddly, you do have to catch it at the right angle to be able to squeeze any out, many a time I was desperately trying to dispense some on to the back of my hand and nothing would come out to play, now I've got the knack of it (and I can't really explain how!) it's just as easy as any other but for a £30+ price tag, a better design and a pump wouldn't really go a miss, surely?
For me, this foundation is all about that finish. The fact that is so hard to get hold of does hugely put me off but let me tell you ladies, it is very much worth the treck. If you are ever near an illamasqua counter then I strongly urge you to try this out and maybe even have a risky purchase. Don't be phased by the elaborate makeup of the people on the counter like I was, they won't make you look like you're about to hit the town when it's 10.30am on a Wednesday morning unless you want them to. I won't personally be buying any more of this, or anything else from the brand for that matter, until I am physically in front of a counter again but that is more due to personal preference than anything else. If you're happy buying over the internet then go for it, but for me, I like the whole experience and the snazzy carrier bag that comes with it!

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