Tuesday, 7 July 2015

MAC Face and Body Foundation | Review

MAC Face and Body Foundation £29.50 - It's finally come to that time of year where I can start to switch up my foundation from a heavier winter one to something with less coverage to suit my summer skin. On really good skin days, I always turn to MAC's Face and Body Foundation, it is dewy beyond dewiness (even I have to put powder on after this) but still gives a really nice finish. I naturally want to wear more powder in the summer anyway to stop any naughty oils from peeping through my foundation so the fact that I have to "finish" this off with a powder really doesn't bother me and it doesn't go cakey in the slightest. If you want a foundation that just evens out your skintone and makes your skin look more uniform, then this is the one for you. It generally has very little coverage so it really does only come out on good skin days or when I'm rocking a pretty good tan but if you're confident with your skin then you could easily wear this all year round. You can layer it up by going back over your foundation again however I rarely have time for it, although this is one of the only foundations that I have found where you truly can go back over it.
The other fab thing about the fact that it's not a heavy coverage is that you can get away with using it no matter how tanned you are, obviously if you go from too different extremes then it'll look obvious but I never have to stop and think about how tanned I am before putting this on, it always seems to be able to match up to how I'm looking that day. I have this in N2 so I think that's a fairly medium tone, and although I don't wear this in the winter due to wanting a fuller coverage, I can start wearing it as soon as my skin looks good enough right through the summer, no matter how tanned I manage to get in this English sun!
Another fabulous thing about this foundation is that you can buy it in different sizes, I went for broke and got the 120ml size and it has lasted me absolutely ages so far, but you can also get the 50ml version for £22, meaning that if you're unsure or you just want it for summer, then you can purchase the smaller size. I also like to mix in my NARS Copacabana highlighter just to add an extra something which makes it super dewy and just gives you that extra glow. This foundation is my absolute go to when I want a "no makeup makeup" day or if I'm just hanging around the house with James and don't want to put too much makeup on but still want to do something. This is the foundation that I will probably be reaching for most during this summer, especially on the weekends if we continue with this beautiful weather!

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