Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sephora Extreme Liquid Lipstick | Review

Sephora Extreme Liquid Lipstick €14.95 - I hate to tease all of you UK bloggers with a Sephora offering considering for some outrageous reason we don't have a single store here in the UK (does anyone actually know the answer as to why not?!) but this little beauty has been burning a metaphorical hole in my blogging pocket ever since I picked it up way back when in January. When James whisked me off to Barcelona just after Christmas I packed very little makeup and even less lippy, funnily enough the only night that I actually wore this was when we went to Camp Nou to watch a Barcelona match and I felt really poorly and rubbish all night so it was a total waste but boy, did it last! I'm not sure that a lipstick will go through much of a tougher test than at a football match, shouting, cheering, eating hot dogs and constantly sipping at drinks are possibly some of the biggest challenges that a lippy can come up against so I certainly gave it a run for it's money and it did not disappoint. Although the colour wasn't as vibrant upon our return, it was all still in tact. No flaking or creasing, no smudging and nothing on my teeth either. Win, win and win! 
For €15 this is such a fantastic lipstick, in terms of quality it is up there with the likes of Dior and even MAC and for a much more appealing price too. When it first goes on the colour is so bright and vibrant, a perfect pink toned red that really stands out and makes a statement. It's super creamy and even the applicator that it comes with is easy to use so no brush required! The actual bottle is nice and compact too, I liken it to the Stila Vinyl Lipsticks in that the finish is so vivd and solid however it's nowhere near as sticky and lasts much much longer, and it's cheaper too! 

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