Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot | Review

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot £29.50 - Hello and welcome to my being the latest to any party that anyone has ever been, I think I've practically missed it altogether but I love this little beauty so much that I could not share it with you guys... I was super lucky (some of the the) to work in the cosmetics department of a department store over last Christmas, although the job itself was rather pants, the fact that I got to sniff around their Christmas gift sets before anyone else made it a lot more bearable. Other than two gift sets from Stila, the counter that I was working on, this is the only other thing that I liked enough to buy. I am useless when it comes to blusher, I never know which colour suits my skintone or the look that I'm currently wearing so I thought I'd go for broke and buy them all! This works out ridiculously economical, especially for someone like me who won't use any of them that regularly. I always shy away from buying blushers, especially the very pricey Benefit ones, due to the reasons that I just said, I don't know which colour to buy and I want to get the most from my money, but considering one Box O' Blush is £23 odd on it's own, being able to get all six and a helping of 'Watts Up!' seemed like an offer I could not refused. 
I'll admit that I don't use this every single day anymore like I didn't when I first got it, mainly down to time more than anything else and the fact that it's fairly big also makes it annoying to keep out on my dressing time but I do make a conscious effort to bring it out every time I push the boat out. Obviously hola is my most used one of the bunch as I'm very comfortable wearing bronzer and next up is probably Rockateur which I did have my eye on buying on it's own. Now that I've strangley become more pale during the summer (don't ask, I don't know and I'm not happy about it!) I think that Dandelion looks really pretty too. As I'm writing this now it's date night tonight and I'm already weighing up which one will get a look in. It's a lovely dilemma to have though...

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