Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Clarins Autumn 2015 Collection

Clarins Autumn 2015 Collection* from £17 -  First up, sorry for the insanely grainy photos here, I'm not sure what's happened or how but I've now fully indulged in each part of this collection so I feel like I'm be breaking blogger code if I retook them of used products! Secondly, hurrah for getting this post up ever so slightly quicker than their Summer one, I adore Clarins to death, they are my all time favourite brand and every time that shiny new email pops in my inbox telling me about their latest releases, I let out a tiny inward squeal! Okay, now onto what you'd all been waiting for, telling you about the actual products! As always I'll just do a brief overview here and then review it individually later on when I've had more time to use them. First up is my most used product of them all, the Eyebrow Pencil, in the shade "Light Brown" I was slightly worried that, as ever, it would be too red toned for me however it is lovely and cool. If I have time then I like to pair it with my Stila Stay All Day Eyebrow Pen as they make the perfect pair but for everyday I just wear this on it's own. It lasts all day and doesn't budge which I was worried it might being a pencil, and it's actually really long, meaning I'll get loads of use out of it! 
Next up were two more of the gorgeous and trusty Ombre Matte Eyeshadows, I think that I have 7 in total now and they are by far my most loved and used eyeshadows, they're creamy, bendable and they just last and last. I don't like overdone eye makeup and they create the softest of looks. I Got 07 Black and 08 Heather, the black will mainly be used as a smokey eyeliner and for my more dramatic of looks but I'll admit, when I saw on the packaging that I'd got a purple eyeshadow I thought it would be going straight to my Mum who insists on wearing lilac all day err-day. But when I opened it, I instantly wanted to take back all of my negative thoughts. I've actually been wearing this so much! It's a soft and subtle "heather" colour that actually mixes things up and adds a hint of colour to my normally neutral eyes. I am sold. 
I also got the beauty Tawny Rose Rouge Eclat lipstick, another product that I was unsure of when I first opened it but have actually been loving since. It's a sophisticated nude colour that adds a touch of colour without being too much. I love nude lipsticks as I find I'm more comfortable going for a dramatic eye and a subtle lip and this allows me too perfectly. Having a bit of a baby face I always find that I look a lot younger than I am and this makes me look ever so slightly more mature. Lastly is the eyeliner, oh faithful Clarins eyeliners. The Crayon Kohl Pencil from Clarins is one of the best I've ever owned, I usually shy away from Kohl Pencil's as they drop under my eye and make me look like a panda, however this is smudgable without over smudging and even comes with a miniature brush to create a lovely blended and smokey look. The fact that it comes with a pencil sharpener only seals the deal for me, I always begrudge buying them for some reason and you can never have too many! 

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