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Stila Eyes are the Window "Soul" Palette | Review

Stila Eyes are the Window Soul Palette £30 - When I first started working for Stila they only had their "In the..." palettes and although the quality was pretty outstanding, the only one that really spoke to me was the In the Light and when you work with something every day it can get a little tiresome, they then brought out 4 new palettes just before I left the company and I was lucky enough to get my hands on this beauty just in time! It has 12 gorgeous colours in a variety of matte and shimmer finishes and they're all super buttery and wonderful blendable. 
I'm not overly au fait with the other palettes in the range as again, this was kind of the only one that spoke to me as I tend to keep it fairly neutral on the eyes these days but there is a good mixture of different offerings to suit your preferences. I like the bronzes and rose golds in this palette as I can ramp up any of my existing eye looks without pushing the boat too far out of my comfort zone. They also come with little booklets that gives you a number of different looks already outlined for you which is really good if you get stuck in a rut like I do.
Stila are really trying to class things up with their new navy blue packaging as opposed to the cardboard that they used to use and I really think that it helps with their brand, I used to feel like for the price tag I superficially always expect really pretty packaging so their new navy extension pleases me greatly. The rose gold outer to this palette is just beautiful too, every bloggers dream surely?! It looks wonderful in my collection and for that reason alone I want to collect all four as if they're the pokemon of makeup!
In terms of staying power these aren't the best in the world but they definitely last all day when blended out, I find that the colour drops a little and doesn't stay quite as vibrant past around 6-8 hours. They do tend to cling to my crease a little bit but if they're blended out properly then they will easily last all night on an evening out. I tend to stick to the matte shades more than anything just down to personal preference however if it's date night or I'm feel extra special then I can easily throw in one of the buttery, shimmery colours to add a little something to my look and they all work so well to compliment each other that you can't really go wrong in creating a look out of this palette.
I'd really recommend this as a starter palette to someone like myself, who is ready to move away from completely neutral colours but isn't quite ready for an Illamasqua style just yet. It's a lovely balance of mattes, shimmers, cool and warm tones and the fact that it comes with a guide on different smokey eyes of different intensities means that you don't have to be an MUA to create a beautiful look to suit every occasion. At £30 they're definitely middle of the road price wise but I use mine quite regularly and am nowhere near touching pan on any of the shades so it should last a long time!

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