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The Grange Spa | A Slice of Heaven?

A few weekends ago I was made to feel like the luckiest girl in town and was invited to enjoy the serenity that is The Grange Spa. I'd driven past this place quite a few times as it's only a few miles away from where I use to live so I was familiar with it's setting and had heard wonderful things from various people but never did I think I'd ever get to spend a whole day there relaxing and being thoroughly pampered. I met with the owner, Matt a few weeks before I was booked in which actually put my mind totally at ease, I've never been to a spa before so to have a personal tour and be talked through everything was invaluable to me. I'll admit that in the days before going I was slightly anxious, I'm very body conscious at the moment and being that I was going on my own, I didn't know what to wear or take with me however as soon as I walked through into reception I was instantly tranquil and calm and ready to 100% enjoy my day. 
Again I was met by Matt who made sure that everything was OK before I had a chat with Holly who talked me through my treatments and laid out the different scents for me to chose from that would determine which style of Terrake Massage I was given. Unfortunately due to health reasons we then discussed that I couldn't have the massage and so I was offered a Jessica Manicure instead. Holly then showed me around and gave me another tour which meant that I could get snap happy and take all of my photos before switching off my phone and camera and indulging in nothing but a book and laying by the pool. 
When I first looked at my plan for the day I was slightly worried that I might be bored as I was there from 9.30am until 5.30pm with only two hours worth of treatments, but let me tell you, when I left at 5.30pm I honestly felt like I could have still stayed for a while longer. They have a gym for you to use at your leisure (not that I did admittedly), a study and a snug room where you can relax and read if you fancy a change of scenery from the pool. There is an outside area but it was a little blustery for my liking! Obviously there is also a pool, a very warm and serene pool. The whole building is lovely and warm that at times I genuinely felt like I was on holiday in warmer climates, even laid by the pool in just a bikini I was warm and bordering on hot (a.k.a the perfect temperate for me). 
More than just a pool, it has not one, not two, but three steam rooms that all offer different things, again for health reasons I couldn't really sit in these for too long but I spent around 10 minutes in each taking it all in. One has a strong aroma of eucalyptus that I quite frankly wish I could have in my house for when I have a bad break out, you can feel it tingling and working it's magic on detoxifying your skin. There is a rose room (pictured above) that is so calming, it only has a very soft and subtle smell so you can just sit back and relax and then there is a third steam room that is warm and apparently helps you with decongestion, I must remember to go back if I ever get a cold. All three are the perfect temperature (I often find steam rooms too stuffy and hot so can't breathe, but these were comfortable) and you can really feel the benefits of all of them, as soon as I'm able I want to go back to be able to really make the most of these. There is also an Ice Fountain that is said to stimulate your immune system however that wasn't for me, I hate the cold!
There's also the shower to end all showers, you genuinely feel as though you're standing underneath a waterfall and I'm so glad that no-one was in the pool area when I used it as I honestly giggled all of the way through it was that pleasant.
The lunch was spectacular too, all sourced from a local and popular farm shop I knew it would be good but my gosh it was delicious. I had a bacon quiche that I thought might be too light but on reflection, the last thing that you want on a day like this is to be sat by the pool with a food baby too stuffed to move. I did treat myself to a slice of Brownie Cheesecake but only managed half of it for that exact reason, and it was so rich. Seems as I was feeling like royalty for the day I also pushed the boat out and had a Hot Chocolate, don't tell me that I don't know how to live! 
Now on to the treatments, I honestly could have gone and just spent the day doing nothing (and I'm already seriously considering signing up to their loyalty scheme for that reason) however I had both a manicure and a facial. Obviously I've had many-a manicure in my time and being a professionally trained beautician I'm also super picky over who does my nails but I came away extremely happy, they used a new formula of the well-known Jessica Polish, Phenom. And it is phenom-inal! It dries in 10 minutes without the use of a lamp just like normal nail varnish however it's super strong and will last over twice as long as usual varnish. Testimony to this is that I packed all of the goody bags for the Notts Blogger Meet 15 the next day which meant tearing open many cardboard boxes and they were perfectly in tact at the end. You can however remove it with just normal nail varnish remover, meaning that you don't have to keep returning just to get it soaked off as you would a gel. 
The facial, oh the facial. For a beauty lover and blogger I'm ashamed to say that I have never, ever had a facial before and let me tell you now, my skincare routine is way under par compared to this. Matt if you're reading, could I possibly clone Holly and have her do my Cleanse, Tone & Moisturiser every day please? I'm telling you now, my routine has never felt the same since. She talked me through everything and explained exactly what would happen - extremely reassuring when someone's about to touch your face non-stop for the next hour - and then left me to get tucked under the towel. She cleansed my skin, toned, put on a face mask and then gave me a luxurious shoulder and scalp massage before removing the mask and applying a serum and then my moisturiser. I had to stop myself from touching my face constantly after as it felt beautifully smooth and looked positively glowing. I was slightly scared that it would make me instantly break out but I didn't one bit so maybe that's saying something for my home made facial routine? Maybe. 
Overall the day was hands down one of the best of my entire life, if I could do it again I think I'd swap the manicure for something that I couldn't physically do myself and would definitely make it so that I could enjoy a massage. I've also been recommended the scalp therapy too so I need to give that a go! Although I went on my own the staff were friendly enough that I didn't feel lonely and I managed to almost make a through an entire book, to demonstrate how much I needed this day, I haven't been able to finish that final chapter in the week that I've been back to reality. I cannot recommend The Grange Spa highly enough, whether you're from Lincolnshire or not it is so worth travelling for. I'm already making up so many excuses to go back and casually leaving their treatment menu around the house in the hope that James will pick it up and book me something, a girl can hope...

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