Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit* £29.99 - Shaving my legs is one of the biggest chores that I have to do, I never have time and it grows back so quickly that I loathe doing it unless my legs have to be on display (I know, James is a lucky lucky boy!) so when I was very kindly offered the chance to try out the Veet Easy Wax Roll-On Kit I jumped at it and couldn't wait to give it a go. I've had various other body parts waxed in my time and it's never pleasant but I've never found it too unbearable so I was confident that I'd be able to do it on myself. I was slightly sceptical at how effective it'd be seens as I usually opted for salon-used brands when I'm waxing at home and I only ever do my eyebrows myself but I was very pleasantly surprised. I've used this bad boy twice now and the results are phenomenal, my legs don't feel as smooth as they do when I shave but they look just as hair-free, I think it's only the really fine ones that this struggles to pick up. 
I'm quite lucky that I am qualified in waxing so I could apply a few tricks of the trade to make this as pain-free as possible although as I said earlier, it's never going to be a fun experience. I pull backwards instead of up and never go over the same area twice. Another tip is to not try and go around corners with the wax, may sound strange but if you think of your knee area, don't try and go up and over your knee, break it into sections instead. I also exfoliate and moisturise well before to get ready of as much dead skin as possible. 
Unfortunately this post comes with a few cons too, for instance the kit only comes with 12 wax strips which for me was only enough to do both of my shins so I would definitely invest in some more, but  buy in bulk off of amazon as the Veet own brand ones are majorly overpriced for the quantity that you get. I also managed one and a half leg waxes which left me pretty annoyed. As I said I did both of my shins (I'm quite lucky in that I rarely have to shave, or wax, the tops of my legs) and then went to go again the night before my anniversary, only for the wax to run out after just doing one leg. Cue an unhappy and uneven Becka scrawling the internet to find that the refill is £10.50, for only two applications maximum I find that a little steep but after searching on trusty Amazon again I found it for cheaper, but it won't be here in time so I'm now stepping out for my anniversary dinner with one shaved leg and one waxed. It feels strange.
Overall, I'm glad I have the investment now and I will stock up on the cheaper (but still Veet branded) refills from Amazon and I 100% intend to make waxing my method of choice for hair removal on my legs, they also do a bikini and underarm version but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to tackle the more sensitive areas myself! At £30 for the kit and call it £3 per wax thereafter, you're still going to come out on top financially but I would definitely read some professional guidance on waxing your legs before you use it, the instructions are fairly basic and although you'll still get effective hair removal, little things can make it a lot less traumatising!

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