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Clarins Everlasting+ Foundation | Review

Clarins Everlasting+ Foundation* £27.50 - I remember this foundation first hitting the shelves earlier this year and being lucky enough to get a sample and instantly thinking it was just wonderful. Me being the magpie that I am, I quickly moved on to the next shiny launch that hit the cosmetics department I was working in at the time however when I was given the chance to try it out for real, I jumped at it. I had been toying with purchasing either this or the Chanel Velvet Lumiere as I think they're both quite similar in finish and I prefer something a little more matte and heavy in the Autumn Months. I still remember the first time I ever wore this out and about (which is a rarity for me) and looking in the car's wing mirror to just think "wow my skin looks flawless!". Possibly extremely big headed of me but it really did look wonderful. It's a fairly heavy coverage foundation and I personally don't think there's much wriggle room if you want to build it up as it seemed to move rather than blend in with itself.
Back onto the positives, you don't really need to powder a lot, if at all, with this foundation. In fact I only use powder to set my concealer under my eyes with this foundation as it is a matte finish. It also lasts all day, Everlasting Plus it certainly is. I can trust this foundation to be popped on early in the morning for work and know that it will last me right through until going out for dinner later that night. Being pregnant means that I have zero energy these days so anything that saves me time and faff is a winner for me. This foundation is super easy to apply (although you do have to be careful not to put too much on otherwise it can be a bugger to blend in) and because of the level of coverage I don't have to faff around going over bits that may need a little extra. It also saves me time on concealer too as it covers any blemishes well enough for me to feel confident going out for the day.
With great power, however, comes great responsibility as they always say and you need to have a jolly good skincare routine with this one. I don't know if it's because I've never actually owned a matte foundation before or if this is something unique to this one but it is drying on the skin, after a few weeks of constantly wearing this to cover up my tired early pregnancy skin and being super lazy with my skincare routine, my skin really suffered and went very dry. You need to be prepared to take this off properly and have a nice gentle cleanse of an evening before a good night cream and similarly prep with a refreshing yet effective moisturiser of a morning, and maybe even a primer too if you're prone to dry patches. At first I put it down to my changing hormones however a few others have commented that they had the same issue so I think you just need a good regime and moisturiser if you want to use this on the regular.
Overall, it's my go-to if I'm feeling a bit self conscious or want a really flawless look and for £27.50 it's not the priciest of foundations I've ever owned or lusted after so it's negative points don't put me off repurchasing this should I need to. The colours are ever so slightly different to the old Everlasting Foundation from Clarins so I would recommend going to get matched up again if you're an old faithful to the brand and with the amount of coverage it's not one you want to be slightly out on colour wise. 

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