Tuesday, 13 October 2015

NARS Dual Intensity Eye Palette

NARS Dual Intensity Eye Palette £45 - I'm always one to buy these innovative new things and get suck in by sales spiel but then sit and wonder how on earth I'm actually going to get any proper use out of it. I was slightly worried that this might be the same with this Dual Intensity Palette from NARS, although if I'm going to be Intense anywhere then it will be on my eyes but it was still quite the impulse buy. I have a single one of these in "dione" which is a beautiful metallic silver/grey that gives a bit of "oomph" to my black smokey eyes. Now I have the full palette I can find a use for almost every single shade bar maybe the burgundy. With my sister's upcoming wedding however this palette has risen to the challenge on giving her a slightly more dramatic version of her every day makeup look, using the palest of nudey colours I simply add this to an otherwise matte look on her eyes and it gives her the tiniest bit of sparkle and lift that it needs to scream "bridal" yet "sophisticated".
I was super nervous to try mixing this as a base colour and putting darker ones into the crease, usually it's the last thing I add just using my ring finger on the inner corner to middle of my eye however I was worried that as an all over base it might mix with the matte shadows and look clumpy. Obviously I should have had more faith in NARS as it did no such thing, it simply acted as the perfect all over base and allowed me to create a soft smokey look over the top. We as bridesmaids are wearing Navy dresses so I'm keen to find a way to possibly incorporate that shade into our looks although I think that may be a step too far for the bride who wants everything to look natural. I was also a bit dubious that this would be anything but natural, even in the nudest shade, however once mixed with soft browns to the crease it looked really pretty and soft. 
Personally, I think I'll end up using the darker colours either dry or as eyeliner as I can't see me being too adventurous these days with my makeup, however with all of the seasonal and Christmas parties coming up you never know, they may all get a look in at some point!
Do I think this is worth the money? Most definitely, it's a luxury product and it's not meant to be anything less, it's versatility means you get twice the usage out every single colour and the performance of the shadows themselves is, as expected, flawless. It doesn't crease like some wet-and-dry shadows can do and it doesn't look like a paste or clump either and it's staying power is fantastic. Whether or not I'll repurchase it is another question, as someone who is probably going to be keeping things simple for the foreseeable I'm not sure I could justify such a huge amount again on a product that won't get too much of a look in. 

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