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 First of all I am so sorry that this post is now over two months late, needless to say I got my big news the Thursday after this event and life changed almost instantly. This is the second meet up that I have ever organised and boy, was it tough. It's all fun and games and seeing what cool and new products you can get for the goody bags until all of those products start arriving in your house and taking over your spare bedroom! I'm just jesting (kind of), and it is always worth it on the day.
I was lucky enough to meet a lot of new faces at this meet up which is always a huge delight when attending events and there was some familiar ones too who it was great to catch up with. I limited this one to only 20 people and think we only had around 16 on the day, it's frustrating when people drop out but it can get very complicated keeping on top of who's and who's out so I made a cut off date and after that no one was to be replaced. In the end I think it turned out well, I don't like large crowds and get really shy with lots of new people so I felt really at ease knowing there was going to be less of us.
We were all treated to a wonderful talk and demonstration from Lush Nottingham to start the day off, as someone who is a bit of a Lush Newbie I found it really informative and eye opening as to all of the wonderful things that they offer. I'm not a big bath person but the bombs looked divine and I actually use my shampoo bar to clean my makeup brushes with now as it's just so easy. Even once our demo was over the staff were so helpful and friendly and one lady took me round the whole store showing me pregnancy friendly bits (I had a sneaky suspicion even then!).
Next up everyone headed off to Kiko whilst I tried to organise one last surprise, luckily it paid off and Clintons very kindly donated me some balloons which after the meal we let off in memory of Carly who the community tragically lost in Tunisia. Everyone was given a chance to write a memory or message down on a card to attach to the balloon to make it personalised and it was a really nice moment.
After Kiko we grabbed our lunch at Jamie's Italian, I love Italian food so much and Jamie's is a wonderful and funky restaurant. The staff were so accommodating and helpful and the room was beautifully set up for us when we walked in. We all had a lovely chat and a natter and it was lovely to sit back and watch friendships form or people who obviously hadn't seen each other in a while catch up on everything that had been going on and obviously, the food was just divine.
Lastly we held a raffle in aid of The Butterfly Hospice which is a local charity where my Mother in Law volunteers, we managed to raise £60 which was so much more than I imagined and was just absolutely fantastic! In return the girls all got some amazing prices from brands such as Weleda, Sunkissed, Batiste and many more!

Overall the day was a lovely success in my own humble opinion and although I'm not sure whether or not I'd host one again, I've made some real friends for like, Kara and Becky I'm looking at you there, and it was great to see Lora, Emma and Charlie again too and I can't wait to see you all soon! It's not as easy as it may look to host a meet up and in future I think I'll let someone else take the reins but it pays off to see some happy blogger faces and glowing reviews of the products you've been able to get for them!

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