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17 Week Bump Update

Happy Sunday everyone, I've just checked back through my archives and I'm really sorry to see that this is my first ever bump update. I'm so sorry that I've been so rubbish at keeping up with my blog, time moves so quickly when you're pregnant and weeks have passed by in the blink of an eye! I'm hoping to get into a routine of posting these every Sunday for you however I think I may have to knock YouTube on the head for now. As much as I adore doing it, I can't do both and I want to focus my efforts on my original passion, my blog.

How far along: 17 Weeks + 2 Days
Days until due date: 158 days
My bump: As you can see above, my bump is definitely starting to form. I've actually opted for wearing tighter jumpers just to highlight my bump and stop me from looking like I've just had a big dinner but it's nice to have a bump that doesn't disappear every morning and grow throughout the day!  
Weight changes: Pre-Pregnancy 10st 8lbs, now 10st 11lbs so +3lbs! 
Stretch marks? The ones that I already had on my hips are starting to hurt a bit and get worse so I've stepped up my game with my Clarins Tonic Oil and Stretchmark Cream, however nothing to report on my tummy just yet. 
Cravings: Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs! I have two dippy eggs practically every single day and I can't get enough of them. Some have criticised me for it but honestly, they're safe as long as the chicken has been immunised. Unfortunately James has banned me from eating the ones we were getting from his Dad's chickens just to be on the safe side but now we buy Happy Eggs from the supermarket that are all red lion stamped. 
Sleep: Sleep is still a huge issue, we had our 16 week Midwife appointment last week and she seemed a little concerned that I'm struggling so much with my sleep so I'm to keep an eye on it for another week or so then maybe be referred to a Doctor. 
Symptoms: Feeling full, I find that although my appetite has returned, I feel full so much quicker. I used to be able to polish off a roast dinner and still pick over the leftovers however now, my portions are half the size and then I can't eat for hours! Poor sleep as mentioned above however the headaches are seeming to get better. 
Best moment this week: Listening to the heartbeat. I hadn't got my hopes up that the Midwife at my Doctor's surgery would let us listen to the heartbeat as I know not all Doctor's are the same, however she was able to and it was so strong! James only recorded 4 seconds of it but they are the most precious 4 seconds in the world. 
Worst moment this week: Mum guilt! I've only been to the gym once in the last 12 weeks and I'm starting to feel really guilty, I had totally planned to get up and go swimming today but I seem to have been hit by a cold so that's out of the window too. I'm also struggling with gaining weight but I think I'll do a post on that exclusively. 
Miss anything? Sleep, still. I love my sleep and I love sleeping next to my Man, we've had two full nights sleep next to each other in about 3 weeks and I miss him terribly. 
Maternity clothes: More so with trousers than tops, as I said above I'm actually enjoying my tops looking stretched and making it obvious that I'm sporting a baby bump however my work trousers are really uncomfy by the end of the day so I have invested in a few maternity pairs for the days when I'm feeling particularly bloated. 
Movement: Oh yes, they can be quite the wriggler when they want to be. I had a spa day at Forest Pines on Friday and they were wriggling about the entire way through my massage. 
Gender: Unknown as of yet but we've received the date for our second scan and we can't wait to find out! 
Belly button in/out: In

Mood: Erratic, I love this little baby more than anything in the world but it's safe to say that I am sick and tired of the smallest things seeming like the end of the world. I think a lack of sleep and an overload of hormones are contributing to me not knowing whether I'm coming or going. 
Looking forward to: Still seeing my bump grow and finally finding out if we're pink or blue! I'm making some fabulous Mummy friends and over the past two weeks some fantastic ladies who I already considered friends have announced that they're also expecting so I feel so lucky to be in fantastic company!

So that's 17 weeks, I can't believe it's been 5 weeks since I announced my pregnancy already and how fast it's all going. I've got a few ideas of some different posts coming up that I hope you'll enjoy and my target for this next month is to keep up with my blog and get back on my fitness wagon! 

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