Sunday, 8 November 2015

18 Week Bump-Date!

How far along: 18 Weeks + 2 Days
Days until due date: 151 days
My bump: Growing nicely and looking more and more like a baby bump every day!
Weight changes: We've decided that I'm going to step off of the scales, the hospital and midwife will weigh us when they need to.
Stretch marks? Nothing new so far!
Cravings: I still crave eggs all of the time but James has made me take a step back from eating 2 a day!
Sleep: I think today I'm going to invest in new pillows and I have a Dreamgenii pillow on the way to hopefully help me sleep better and not keep kicking James out of bed. 
Symptoms: I still can't eat as much as I used to and my mood swings are becoming terrible. I'm also getting ridiculously crazy dreams.
Best moment this week: Feeling lots of movement in the second half of the week, after feeling so poorly and a scary Tuesday afternoon, it's a welcome feeling to know that they're wriggling around in there. 
Worst moment this week: 4hrs in A&E! When I went to my Doctors about my stinking cold (which I had to basically curl up and power through with no medicine, not fun) I mentioned that I hadn't felt baby move in four days which was unusual, after speaking to my midwife on the phone they advised that I go to hospital but as I'm only 18 weeks the labour ward refused to see me and A&E didn't have a scanner or doppler on hand so it involved a 4 hour wait for someone to finally decide who was going to see me! Luckily all was okay and they were possibly being lazy due to my feeling so poorly but I'll be glad to turn 20 weeks and know that then, the labour ward will just accept me up there and scan me should I have any concerns. 
Miss anything? Wearing whatever I want! Eating big meals
Maternity clothes: I think I definitely need to invest in some maternity jeans as my trusty black leggings from Dorothy Perkins are now a tad uncomfy to say the least! 
Movement: The movements are definitely getting stronger and I'm sure that they feel more like kicks than just butterflies now. I just can't wait until James can feel them too, pregnancy can be quite tough on the guy sometimes, I hate feeling like James is being left out!
Gender: Unknown as of yet but we've received the date for our second scan and we can't wait to find out! 
Belly button in/out: In
Mood: Still not completely settled but definitely better, I'm forcing myself to go swimming today and I think it's going to really help me feel more positive. 
Looking forward to: I'm still (not so patiently) waiting to find out the sex of the baby so that I can do some serious shopping, I'm also looking forward to James being able to feel his little bundle of joy kicking away too.

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