Thursday, 12 November 2015

New Mum Questions Pt 1

 Although it was a conscious decision to start trying for a baby and we both felt 100% ready, I've still found myself overwhelmed with different questions. Some of them ridiculous (asking if babies needed jabs before they went outside like a puppy was a particular low point) and some of them truly terrifying. I'm very lucky to have some magnificent mummies follow me on twitter and instagram and I often post a question and get so much support back but after deciding this weekend that we really need to crack on with some of the bigger purchases, I found myself sat in the coffee shop with my head swirling full of questions that could prove costly if I got it wrong! I've already named this post "Pt 1" as I'm sure it won't be my last one but these are the questions that I've been pondering so far, so if you know the answers or can direct me to any books or website that will help me - please do!

1. Grobag vs Blankets - We think that we'll be using a co-sleeper for the first 6 months during the night, and although I've seen babies in cots with Grobags, I've never actually seen a baby in a co-sleeper (probably because I've never been in the room when a new mum has been asleep next to her baby...). Can I use a Grobag with a co-sleeper or will it be too big to fit in?

2. Co-Sleeping with the Co-Sleeper - Something I've seen a few Mums that I know have trouble with it getting their little one to transfer into their own bedroom after 6 months in a Co-Sleeper, something I want to try is having the baby in the Co-Sleeper whenever I'm also in bed, but for their naps during the day have them in their cot, in their room. Is this a terrible idea?! Or might it help my baby differentiate between night-sleep and day-sleep and hopefully help with the transition later on?

3. Expressing into the "wrong" bottle - I'm fairly set on expressing once the baby is here. As much as I can't wait to breast feed, I don't like the thought of James missing out on essential bonding time. I want to use the Dr Browns bottles as I've heard really good things, but they only seem to have a manual breast pump and I want to use the Medela Swing Electric Pump, can I mix and match bottles to pump?

4. Car Seat & Prams - I think this may have been answered on my Instagram however - do I need to have the matching car seat to my pram? James is keen to use the base and only have to take the car seat out with him (I'm less so, I think Carrycot's look cuter!), so do we have to have the right one or do they all clip in to each other?

5. High-Chair-Gate - Essentially, we can't decide on a high chair, I long for a Tripp Trapp but James wants a more modern Joie Mimzy. It's the only thing we really disagree on so do we have to decide now? Surely the baby won't start weaning for a good 6 months so do we even need one until then? It may just give us some extra breathing space (and time for me to convince him that Tripp Trapps are a fab investment!)

6. Nursing Chair vs Arm Chair - When we found out we were pregnant and started planning our nursery, we instantly said that we'd source most of it from Ikea and in particular, have a Poang chair for nursing and reading. We've since been warned that it'll be no good and you need a specialist nursing chair with high side, is this true or will it be okay with a nursing pillow to support baby?

7. Books Books Books - I've always been a bit of a swot and love learning, so if anyone can recommend any good books for after the baby is born (I'm good with pregnancy books but beyond giving birth I'm clueless) then I'd really appreciate it, I think we'd lulled ourselves into a false sense of having loads of time but we're nearly half way through already and neither of us know what to expect in those first few days!

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