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Newborn & Pregnancy Wishlist

I am a serial shopper at the best of times and what better way to celebrate the expectant arrival of my first child than to go on a good old shopping spree! I've managed to keep it fairly tame in terms of actual purchases for these first four months as we've put ourselves on a ban until we find out the sex in terms of clothes and want to wait until after Christmas to buy the bigger items. That hasn't stopped me looking though and every spare minute either at home or on my lunch break is spent trawling through various websites lusting after items for when they make their appearance!

1. Birds on a Wire Curtains - John Lewis - £55 - I actually wanted these long before I found out I was pregnant as I generally love the design of them. I had heard a few bad reviews that they're not great at blocking out the light however a friend of mine has them and has assured me that they'll be fine, especially as we have a blind as well.

2. Angelcare Video, Movement & Sound Monitor - £165 - We agreed when we got pregnant that we wouldn't be spending fortunes on unnecessary products and gadgets however one thing we want to splurge on is the Angelcare monitor, James is keen on the video aspects as our floorboards are quite creaky in our spare bedroom so it will save us having to enter the room to check on them and my feelings on the movement mat are - why wouldn't you have the technology if it's available?

3. Dr Brown's Deluxe Electric Steriliser - £58 - One thing that I need help with is sterilising, there's so many different ways of doing it that I'm not sure which is the most efficient. Also, do I have to use the same brand steriliser and the bottles I intend to use?

4. Sleigh Cot Bed - Kiddicare - £249 - J is adamant that we don't need an extravagant bed however I think this is one thing I'm going to put my foot down and pay for on my own if needs be, it looks so sweet and I'm happy to invest a bit more if it'll last them to being a toddler.

5. Dr Brown's Starter Kit - £17 - I've heard through so many Mummy friends on twitter that Dr Brown's bottles are the best for stopping colic, I want to breastfeed however plan on expressing enough for at least one feed a day so that James can have some vital bonding time too.

6. Dr Browns Microwaveable Steriliser Bags - £7.99 - We spend a fair amount of time at James' parents at the moment and I can see that it'll only ramp up more once the baby gets here, I can see that these will be useful to have in our changing bag for any emergencies.

7. GroBag - £27 - I think the jury may still be out on whether people love or hate these but I think that they're a great idea. You can ensure that they can't kick their covers off (one of the main reasons a baby can be disturbed other than needing a feed, so I've read) and you know they'll stay snug all night. I would like some more opinions and reviews on them though so please do send them my way!

8. Dreamgenii - £48 - Fairly pricey for a pillow however I think this is getting more and more necessary by the day (or night!). They're so versatile to keep you comfy in every way possible and can be used after the baby is born to help with feeding too.

9. Meleda Swing Maxi - £180 - Never in my life did I expect to be writing a wishlist and include a breast pump but when I think about James missing out on feeding our child I feel so guilty. Expressing was something that made me feel uncomfortable personally however I'm getting more used to the idea now and I've heard fantastic reviews about this.

10. Mamalicious Skinny Jeans - £40 - If someone wants to give me an unlimited discount code for Mamalicious then I will love you forever, it's the only site where I have loved almost every single piece and the clothes look like they're for young women rather than brooding hens. These jeans are also discreet enough to be able to wear with long tops after the baby is born.

11. SnuzPod Co-Sleeper - £169 - Co-Sleeping is something that's really important to us as a couple, the preservation of my sleep is something that will be vital and I've read such wonderful things about these SnuzPods, it'll also match our bedroom furniture perfectly so will look stylish whilst providing us with a wonderful solution to night feeding.

12. Silvercross Wayfarer Pram Set - £695 - I've had my heart set on a grey pram for months now, don't ask me why but no other colour seems to match up. I'm adamant not to buying any big items that are gender specific as this is hopefully our first child of at least two, although this is limited edition and slightly pricey, I've fallen in love. I pity anyone who tries to part me from this pram.

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