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Stila Custom Contour Duo | Review

Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo £31 - I first had a play with this product back in March when Stila launched it in the UK, I immediately enjoyed trying different things with it but I'll admit that it wasn't as easy as it looks! I personally use this after I've applied my foundation as I just find it easier to then blend it in with my just used foundation brush to even out the colour, but I know that others prefer to do the contouring before and then use their foundation to blend it all in together. Doing it in the latter way I found that I ended up with too much product on my face at one time and it was all too easy for me to get in a complete muddle. When doing my foundation first and contour second, I always end up with around three or four different brushes on the go so I'm glad that I stocked up on buffing brushes recently, I bought the One Step Complexion Brush to accompany it specifically, it's not strictly the one that Stila would advertise (they do a Custom Colour Brush, but it's larger and I found it harder to control where the product went) however when I worked on the counter I found this easiest to use with this product. The large end still comes to a nice, neat point meaning I can really get in the hollows of my cheeks (or what hollows I have on this round face of mine!) and the smaller end is perfect for down the sides of my nose or to further define my chin.
In terms of the colour, you have to be conservative with this. I immediately reached for the medium when my samples arrived at the counter however it was laughably too dark for me and the "highlight" part was darker than my actual skin tone. Stila are quite good usually in catering for all skin tones and I've always been impressed by the range that their foundation covers, however they could probably do with bringing out an even fairer version for those paler than myself (I'm no tanned goddess however I'm also certainly not the "fairest" of them all, so anyone paler than myself may struggle). When I purchased this last month I opted for "light" and I still don't feel that the highlighter really makes a huge difference and I often opt for an alternative to highlight my cheekbones. The bronzer element is also quite warm toned, which again may be an issue if you're on the paler side, or if you're like me and are quite yellow toned naturally. I can get away with it, but my contour isn't as deep as I'd perhaps like it for fear of looking orange as opposed to chiselled. 
Price wise, my opinion is that if it's the perfect colour for you, then the £31 price tag is worth it, you get a considerable amount of product for your money so if you know that these are the only two colours you're going to need for your desired contour, then you're set for a long time. However if you're like me and your skin tone changes considerably throughout the year and you could possibly do with a few other options, you may want to opt for one of the many multi-colour palettes out there for this price. The reason I purchased this over any others was two-fold, 1. I'm a sucker for a brand name that I know and love, and although my head told me this wasn't the best value for money, I'd tried and tested it and knew that I'd get on with it, and 2. I couldn't find a high street cream contour palette, and all of the others were just as pricey, so I decided to stick with what I knew. Would I recommend this to you? Yes, if you could try it out beforehand. If you have a Stila counter near you then definitely check this out, it's got a beautifully creamy consistently that's not too wet but still super easy to blend and it will last you way longer than you should probably keep it for. However if you're taking a bit of a risk on it or you're not sure what colours you'll need for a contour, I'd possibly urge you to go for a bigger palette with more colours in. 

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