Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Travelodge #Bloggerslodge | Review

When my sister announced that she would be getting married in Oxford, my bank balance instantly groaned and panic set in about where I was going to stay for the entire weekend. We live just over 3 hours away from Oxford and the hotel that they chose to get married in was pricey to say the very least so we knew we couldn't afford two nights there and there didn't seem to be many more reasonably priced hotels within the area. Luckily, this blog never fails to surprise me and I was so kindly offered the chance to spend a night in the Oxford Peartree Travelodge* the night before the wedding.

The Oxford Travelodge is ideally situated (for us anyway) as it was straight off of the road we took into Oxford, meaning that we didn't have to hunt around for it at all. We did end up going round the roundabout three times as no word of lie, it is the very first turning, blink and you'll miss it. But that could well be because it was gone 8pm and James had done a full day at work before driving for three hours. I was slightly worried that getting into the City Centre the next morning might be a nightmare but James took it upon himself to go for a hunt around very early in the morning whilst he let me sleep to find his bearings. We were literally 10 minutes away from the venue meaning that whilst it saved us valuable time the night before and meant that we didn't have to faff around in a city centre in the dark, it also wasn't so far out that we then felt we have a massive journey onwards the next morning.

In terms of quality, it was a Travelodge. They've improved over the past 5 years since I started using them for training courses (I'm still haunted by a cracked mirror with what looked like blood on it in the Milton Keynes branch back in 2011) and the bed was comfy, however "breakfast" was a bit of a stretch in that it was a breakfast box with essentially a yoghurt and some cereal in, not really what we were expecting and certainly not enough to last us until the Wedding Breakfast at 3pm. Similarly it meant that we had to leave the hotel to feed ourselves that night however, like most Travelodges, it was surrounded by a service station that luckily had a KFC, M&S and Starbucks in, or there was a restaurant in the neighbouring Holiday Inn.

It was clean, the staff were friendly and the bed was comfortable. The pillows were far too soft but that's a matter of opinion so I never hold things such as that against a hotel. What more do you want from a hotel really? Travelodge's are a fantastic choice if you just need somewhere to get your head down for the night either before a flight or holiday, or if you're away on business. I wouldn't necessarily stay in one for a romantic weekend away purely because they're not overly stressless in terms of then having to find other places to eat and I think it's a general rule of theirs that they are never placed centrally, they're usually found on the outskirts of a town or city and for £50, you can't go far wrong.

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