Sunday, 6 December 2015

22 Week Bump-Date & Gender Reveal

How far along: 22 Weeks & 2 Days
Days until due date: 124 days
My bump: Getting bigger now, it seems to have gotten "rounder" too.
Weight changes: I actually weighed myself out of curiosity the other day and found that I've only put on 6lbs since getting pregnant. 
Stretch marks? Nothing new so far!
Cravings: Still loving my eggs, but I find I have one-off random cravings such as Diet Coke and as much pasta as you can throw at me.
Sleep: Dreadful, the slightest thing wakes me up and I spend all day exhausted. I can only really sleep when I'm on my own in bed but I keep having nightmares and waking up wanting James. 
Symptoms: I'm still struggling with big meals, I feel starving hungry but then am full after a few bites. I'm also really groggy (probably due to the lack of sleep) and aches and pains are becoming more frequent.
Best moment this week: We actually found out the sex a week ago now but I've only just found the time to grab my laptop and write an update! They're in a little routine for movements now which is quite reassuring and James can feel them kicking away too, which seriously melted my heart. 
Worst moment this week: Trying to think of a name, we just can't agree! We have plenty of time though so not to worry, I'm also finally bursting out of my normal clothes and I think I only have until just after Christmas before I'll have to ditch them for something roomier. 
Miss anything? Not having to carefully think of the wriggle room in each outfit, sleep and pate!
Maternity clothes: I own a few pairs of maternity trousers but as nowhere near me seems to stock maternity wear in store I'm struggling to find a style and fit that I like. I'm not regularly wearing maternity clothes yet but I don't think it'll be long!
Movement: We can both feel them kick now and sometimes it's like I can feel that they're turning over or just generally wriggling around. Gender: It's a girl! After a really disappointing anomaly scan where they couldn't see and therefore wouldn't say for sure, James kindly paid for us to go just two days later to The Brayford Studios where they confirmed that we definitely have a daughter on the way!
Belly button in/out: In
Mood: I've started doing irregular bit of exercise and swim at least once a week, I also want to do some squats and things but need to research into what's safe. I always feel more positive the more active I am and maybe it'll help me sleep better.  
Looking forward to: Her cot-bed arrives on Monday and today we received her Angelcare device. I love that it all seems to be coming together and can't wait for the January sales to go and raid Kiddicare and Ikea to finish off her furniture. 

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