Thursday, 10 December 2015

Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette

Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette* £35 - First of all sorry (not sorry) for the fact I've obviously used this palette before photographing it, quite simply, I wanted to use it on my sister's wedding day so I couldn't resist! When this arrived on my doorstep I was a little nervous opening it. The exterior isn't what I would call luxury as I'm sure it's made from hardened card as opposed to plastic which did make me wonder just how portable this is. Having said that, this has since survived the trip to Oxford for the aforementioned wedding and also to my friends for my office Christmas party and it's not got any marks or signs of being battered about! I was pleasantly surprised, however to find that it comes with a brush that's actually really rather good! I hate transporting brushes as well as palettes around as you can guarantee I'll either forget to take it with me, or forget to bring them home again but this one is double ended meaning you get a fluffy blending brush and a finer detailer all in one. If you weren't fussed on using too many colours you could do your entire look with just this palette and brush alone. The colours themselves are wonderful, they're neutral but the purples and pinks add a little something to them that I don't really have in any other palettes. I find that I reach for this on both normal Saturdays when I want something simple for the day time and also ready for a (rare) night out to celebrate Christmas or a date night with my fella! The darkest colours could also be used as an eyeliner. This would make a wonderful Christmas Present for either someone that you love dearly (It is £35 after all!) but also for someone who you perhaps didn't know so well such as a Sister-in-law or a pricier Secret Santa, the colours are non-offensive and there are combinations in there to suit absolutely everyone so it'd be a really safe bet whilst still being extremely luxurious and, as always with Clarins, fabulous quality. I know I'd certainly be thrilled to receive this in my stocking!

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