Thursday, 17 December 2015

My Perfume Collection

A slightly different post from myself today as I thought I'd share with you my favourites from my perfume collection! After working in a cosmetics department over Christmas last year I seriously fell in love with different fragrances for the first time in my life. I'd never normally been bothered by perfumes but after being surrounded for them and being able to try them at my leisure I fell in love with all of the above and have slowly added them all to my collection over the past year. Armani Si Intense was first introduced to me in Stansted Airport before I think it had really been released into the shops properly and it's safe to say I was hooked from the first time I sprayed it. It's deep and sexy and lasts for absolutely hours, it's rather pricey but you only need a small amount at the start of the day and it will see you right through until home time. I tend to reach for this on date nights or for a night out as it's a very mature scent as opposed to being particularly pretty. Next up is certainly the "prettiest" scent of them all, Signorina by Ferragamo. Again it's the EDP (I don't tend to wear Eau de Toilette as I find it doesn't last on me) and I actually bought the Eleganza version of this for my Sister to wear on her Wedding day. It's a light and pretty scent but still lingers nicely, I love putting on a certain scarf of mine that I think will smell like this forever. If any of these could be "my scent" I think I would chose this one as it's so simple and uncomplicated yet gets me so many compliments. Next up is Chloe's signature perfume, it's quite a strong one and I'll admit it took me a couple of wears around the department to decide whether I loved it or loathed it but in the end I fell head over heels. This one has real staying power and I find that I get compliments on my perfume even at the end of the day, for that reason I chose to wear this on my Sister's big day and will continue to do so on every special occasion as I know it'll last and last and I won't have to even think about needing a top up. Lastly is Jimmy Choo EDP, I think that this one is actually James' favourite of the lot, it's very sweet but still a deep and sultry scent, I reach for this mostly for work as it's similar to the Armani Si Intense but not quite so... intense and feels a bit more work appropriate. Plus it's nowhere near as pricey so I don't feel as guilty using it just for work or a day out shopping. I can always smell this on my clothes in my wardrobe if they've not been washed since (I'm talking jumpers, not vests and things!) so it's another for good staying power. There's definitely a theme with my collection that they all last all day (or night) long and I suppose I was lucky enough to only purchase those that I had tried and tested. For that reason I'd definitely recommend going to any cosmetics department and asking to try them and go off shopping for the day before making a purchase if a long lasting scent is important to you. They're also all fairly strong scents as I like to be able to smell it on myself, even if that does mean overloading people near me! so if you're into a scent that will last on you on all day then any of these are made for you!

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