Sunday, 13 December 2015

New Mum Questions Pt 2

I'm not sure if you guys liked my first "New Mum Questions" post but I received some really good answers on twitter and personally via text to all of them that definitely put my mind at ease. I'm not sure how many more of these I'll do (probably at least another one as I nowhere near know enough yet!) but you can find the first one here. I knew as soon as I wrote that one there'd be another as I've never felt so out of my depth but I'm very lucky to have you guys to help me muddle through this!

1. Maternity Leave, when is too early? - At the moment I'm scheduled to leave my full time job two weeks before I'm due to give birth, it fits in fairly nicely that I have to use one week as "maternity leave" (as it has to start on a Sunday and I'm due on a Friday, it's the minimum that I could take) and one week as holiday, but will two weeks be enough and am I asking too much of myself? I want to be as fair to my employer as possible and not just have to give up at short notice but then I want to keep as much of my maternity leave to actually be with my little girl.

2. Maternity Bras - At what point should I start using one? Plenty of my normal bras still fit me fine even though my boobs have grown astronomically. Am I doing myself harm in not wearing a maternity bra from a certain point in my pregnancy? I'm not uncomfortable and I don't want to be wasting money prematurely.

3. Cot Bumpers - They look absolutely beautiful and really set off a nice cot bed but are they safe? I've read a few articles saying that they can be bad for the baby (although I'm not sure why) however if I'm placing her at the foot of the bed and therefore away from the head where the bumper will be, what's the harm?

4. Spa Days Yay or Nay? - I will hold my hands up and say that I'm verging on addicted to spa days, I have at least one already penciled in for next year but ideally want one fairly close to having my baby to relax me when I'l probably be feeling most uncomfortable. But when's the closest to my due date that I should be going? I'd like to go in my 2 week maternity leave and possibly wouldn't go on my own just in case (oh look at that Mum, you'll have to come with me).

5. Stocking up Vs Over loading - We've started stocking up on nappies and wipes but how many will we need? At the moment we have 72 of the first size and 48 each of the next two sizes up. I don't pretend to think that'll be enough of either but also don't want to be left with loads too many if she's grown so quickly out of them.

6. Baby Bouncers - I know of some Mum's personally that can't live without their baby seats that either gently bounce or rock their little one to sleep but I've read in a few books to be wary of the baby becoming dependent on them to drop off. We're not really in a financial position to be splashing the cash on things we won't use but if it's best for the baby then we're not so hard up that she'll have to go without. I just don't fancy walking around rocking her to sleep every time she stirs.

7. Shaping up for labour - I actually got into a really good routine before falling pregnant and was super happy with my figure, obviously now it's a little rounder in the middle but although I've only put on 6lbs in weight (at the time of writing this on the 5th December, that is) I definitely don't feel as physically strong or "tight". Am I safe to do exercises such as squats, lunges, leg raises etc. Are stomach exercises bad now? Obviously swimming is my exercise of choice but unfortunately we don't have our own pool at our house and I want to come up with a nice little regime that I can do every night before bed.

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