Thursday, 21 January 2016

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade | Review

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in "Ash Brown" £15 - I've always struggled to find "the" product for my brows, I have naturally dark blonde hair but my brows are a really cool tone so any "blonde" products are always far too red for me and anything for brown hair is too dark. I thought I'd found "the one" in Stila's Stay All Day Brows in Medium however before long it can get clogged up and run out of product, plus it takes a while to create defined brows with (it's perfect if you want a natural look, though). So I turned to Anastasia Beverly Hills, I've seen so many bloggers raving about their brow products that I thought I had to go for broke and give at least one of them a try. I'd just purchased my new Zoeva brush set so settled on the Dipbrow Pomade as it would give me an excuse to use my angled brush with it. I ordered "Ash Brown" as I was sucked in by the word Ash and hoped that it would finally be cool enough for my skin tone. I was right in how cool it was however I need to use a seriously light hand with this otherwise a scouse brow is something natural in comparison to what I end up with. I think I possibly should have gone for Taupe and as and when this runs out, I'll definitely be giving that a whirl. The formula, application, staying power etc etc is all fantastic on this though. It's super easy to apply, I use dip my angled liner brush into the pot, wipe off any excess (something you wouldn't need to do if you'd picked the right colour...) and then apply through my brows. It's buildable so I can match up any sparse areas that I need to and it's also really easy to remove with a quick wipe of a cotton bud incase I go wrong. It lasts all day long and also doesn't smudge. After using a waterproof brow product for over a year it's safe to say I was nervous to give this a run for it's money both at work and at the gym but it held up extremely well in both areas! I also use the tiniest amount, I've had this since October now and have used it every single day that I've worn make up since and you can see how much (or little should I say) I've used from the picture above. I can't quite believe how small of a dent I've made into it. I was slightly dubious at ordering this online that I may waste £15 of my money however it's been such a good investment into my beauty collection, I'm not sure whether to get this in a slightly lighter shade next time or whether to try their Brow Wizz next - what do you suggest? Let me know which colour you'd advise for me also. Ordering things online can be so hard. 

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