Thursday, 28 January 2016

Clarins Essentials

 If you know me or this blog at all then you'll know that I adore Clarins, their new releases always take my breath away and even some of their staple classics are still firm favourites of mine. If you look across my collection you'll notice that I have more Clarins products that any other brand and that's for one reason alone, I trust them. To me it is so important to trust a brand both in terms of value for money and also in terms of quality of the product. Obviously Clarins isn't the cheapest brand on the market and I often try and find dupes for certain things to little or no avail. I thought that today I would share with you my favourites from my favourite and show you the three things that I've been reaching for time and time again recently. The first up is the Tonic Treatment Oil, it's hailed as the best thing for stretch marks so as soon as James and I started trying for a baby I went out and snapped this up. It's really costly at £47 but I've managed to make it last throughout my entire pregnancy by only treating myself to it once a day and alternating with something else at night time. It feels so luxurious and gives me a few minutes of me time every morning whilst I try my best to keep those pesky stretch marks at bay.
Next actually isn't baby related! It's the rerelease of their Everlasting + foundation, they reformulated it last year and I absolutely adore it. It's quite matte for me but I just tend not to use much powder over the top and mix a little NARS Copacabana highlighter over my cheek bones and it gives a flawless finish. It lasts all day long and even on my drying pregnancy skin it hasn't made too much of a difference. It's not one to be used on unprepared skin as the matte effect can eventually dry out your skin a little but I use the Origins GinZing Moisturiser underneath and haven't had any problems. It's quite a heavy finish but that suits me fine as I'm still not confident with my skin!
Lastly is another pregnancy product, it's the Stretch Mark Minimiser, I like this because it's great for both prevention and a cure (kind of) afterwards. You get so much product for the price tag and it lasts absolutely ages. I use this on my bump, hips and sides as that's where I want to prevent stretch marks but also where I already have them on my upper thighs. It feels lovely and thick and whilst my old ones are still there, I haven't yet developed any new ones in my pregnancy so I think the combination of this and the Tonic Oil in definitely working.
There's so many things that I love from Clarins that it was hard to pick just three but I didn't want to cover my entire Clarins collection (although let me know if that's something you'd like to see?) and these are the things that I've been reaching for most recently! Their eyeshadows are super easy to bend which will make my life easier when the baby arrives, their waterproof mascara is fantastic and their exfoliator is the most efficient that I've ever used. I'd love to know if anyone else has a love affair like this with a brand or if I'm just strange for latching on to one?!

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