Tuesday, 12 January 2016

December Haul

So December 2015 was officially the time when I decided that my collection needed a change. Not only did I downsize massively ahead of buying all of our new arrival's furniture and going from my own dressing room to a single dressing table, but I also decided that if quantity was out of the window, quality certainly shouldn't be.

I threw out a LOT of makeup, had an IKEA bag full of clothes for charity and my bag for life was filled with handouts for friends and family of various cosmetics and skincare items. I felt like I therefore deserved my first ever Chanel lipstick. If you can only have one - you need to make it "the one" right? Only it didn't stop there. I had a Debenhams and a Boots gift card and I think you can see from above what they were spent on. I honestly only intended to pick up on Chanel lipstick, I envisaged a classic red to send me on my way. However that morning I decided to try out an MUA offering that was a deep plum red and fell in love. I wandered around Meadowhall trying to find whatever the opposite of a dupe is and ended up with Chanel's Passion and MACs Russian Red and Please Me. I've never completed my search for the perfect nude but Please Me with Clarins Lip Perfector in 07 over the top is a wonderful combination.

I've wanted the Illamasqua Hydra Veil for 2 whole years now, being pregnant made my skin go haywire and it was so dry in the first trimester that I thought I'd treat myself. I know that come April I will probably never splurge on myself again and although I've spent a lot of money on our little girl recently, I've not actually bought myself anything. And this technically counts as skincare - right?

A few days later I went into boots. The Chanel lipstick I'd previously bought wasn't quite as deep as I would have liked, still a beautiful colour but I had my heart set on something quite particular. I decided to give the Boots in Peterborough a try, it's not overly big so I wasn't too hopefully but low and behold I managed to find this beautiful YSL offering that I think will hit the spot perfectly, and opted for a nude Chanel lipstick this time.

I know that I probably seem mad spending so much on lipsticks when I'm having a baby, it really is rather out of character for me but I'm fed up of wasting gift cards on the odd thing here and there and not really having anything to show for my money. I work hard so I felt as though I deserved a little treat and this whole lot actually only cost me £4.50 out of my purse.

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