Saturday, 9 January 2016

I hate keeping secrets...

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or even have me as a friend on Facebook then you probably already know that earlier this week James got down on bended knee and asked me to marry him! I'm not sure that it's quite sunk in yet that I'm actually going to be someone's wife or that there is someone out there who wants to spend the rest of their life with me (I can be a bit of a nightmare...). I know that might seem silly to most people as we're expecting our first child together in just 13 short weeks which was 100% planned but it still seems surreal to me! James and I had obviously talked about marriage and whilst it's always been something we'd agreed we'd probably end up doing at some point, I'm also well aware that to James having a child is a far bigger act of commitment that buying a ring. That being said I think he was pretty nervous as I've never seen him so shy in front of me and I hope he's just as over the moon as I am! I shan't go in to the ins and outs of how he did it as I think we'd like to keep that between ourselves and close friends and family, but he kept it local and it was perfect for us. Obviously wedding planning is not at the top of my agenda at the moment (and who am I kidding, I know exactly what I want already anyway) and we have a rough idea of when we'd like to do it which isn't any time soon!

Anyway, I just wanted to pop a little something over on the blog to honour the occasion, I often look back through my archives and smile at the memories so it would seem silly not to include this one!

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