Sunday, 24 January 2016

Mamas & Papas Haul

 Buying things for my Baby Girl is without a doubt my new favourite past time, I'm not going to put too many words into this post and just let those beautiful pictures of those beautiful clothes do the talking for me! This is everything that I got from the Mamas & Papas sale, it was actually on before Christmas and these arrived in late December but I just couldn't resist the bargains. I got everything in 3-6 months as I loved the prints and designs so wanted them to last a bit longer but I'm now slightly regretting it as she has barely anything in newborn! The sleep suits were half price from £22 for 3 down to £11, a bargain if you ask me and you can definitely feel the difference in quality. They feel so much more luxurious than some cheaper brands. I can't remember how much the bambi sleepsuit was but I know it was also on offer and is possibly the softest thing that Baby Sophie owns!

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