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Sophie's Wishlist

 I am not ashamed to admit that I have to be organised, with regards to my little girl I need to know what furniture I've got, what's on order and what I've got left to buy and I don't see that as a problem. I only have 13 weeks left until I'm due and a maximum of 11 weeks until my Maternity leave kicks in and I want everything sorted by the time I leave work. That might sound like a long time but when you consider I've now known about being pregnant of 22 weeks and it has flown by at the speed of light, it's scaring the hell out of me. I thought writing up Sophie's Wishlist of what we still have left to get will help me refocus on what we have to buy and I can budget the next two months pay to get all of these things. We're quite fussy and know what we want for our daughter so I thought a Mothercare Wishlist would be a fantastic idea now more and more family and friends are asking us what we might like for her as it includes the bigger items that I've listed below plus some little extras such as a Piggy Bank and Playmat.

Highchair - It appears that I have won the battle of the highchair and James has agreed to the Stokke Tripp Trapp + Baby Set. I want it in white as we're hopefully changing our dining set at some point in 2016 and white will go with everything. It also looks super clean and lovely and can be accessorised easily with the inserts. We'll obviously need to get the Baby Set for Sophie to begin with but I love that this can grow with her until she's old enough to sit at the table with us.

Changing Bag - I was in two minds about changing bags until recently, did I need a specific "changing bag" or would just a big shopper do? Do I get the one to match my pram? I've decided now on a specified Day-tripper Deluxe Satchel from BabaBing in "Berry", I know we wanted to keep major purchases gender neutral but I'm a girl too at the end of the day and the deep berry will match the grey of our (intended) pram beautifully. James has given me the green light to get berry too, it's not quite as feminine as some of them out there.

Breast Pump - I'm really keen to get the Medela Swing with Calma Breast Pump, I'd like the double one but I'm not sure that we can stretch to the extra expense and I only want to express a maximum of two bottles a day. I've read reviews on other brands and this one always, always comes out on top in terms of functionality and comfort for the Mother. I've seen a couple of offers on this and think it may be my next "big" purchase once the January payday finally rolls around!

Co-Sleeper - From day one we've been adamant on Co-Sleeping, I think it's going to be a god send when breastfeeding and after reading numerous posts from Mum's who wish they'd found out about it sooner, we knew it wasn't up for debate. I love the Chicco Next2Me Co-Sleeper as it looks quite sleek and comes with the mattress already. As our bedroom is grey and white already, it has to be in the Silver Grey colour of course.

Mobile - Again I've been umming and ahhing over what type of mobile to get her, when we first started trying we visited a boutique shop in Uphill Lincoln and saw a beautiful Moomins Mobile however, obviously the Moomins are white (not very stimulating) and I'm not sure how you'd set it to twirl etc and give her something to look at. After searching the internet for what seems like hours I've found the Musical Mobile White from Vertbaudet which isn't garish and tacky but will do the job and hopefully help to soothe her.

Sling - Another recent affirmation for me has been to use a sling. We have a dog, Max and where we like to walk him is not pram friendly. We know that Prams come prepared for all different types of terrain but our particularly favourite spot also involves a little stream that we love to splash about in and locally the best place to walk him in along the river bank, neither are suitable for any type of pram at all! Therefore I want to be able to pop Sophie in the Ergobaby Four Position 360 Sling (so eventually she can enjoy the countryside too) and stomp out with wellies and Dog in tow.

And that's it! We should have everything once this wishlist is completed, we purchased the rest of her nursery furniture, mattress and bouncer on Monday and I'll be doing a post on that as soon as it's all built and looking lovely. The only other thing is the curtains but the ones we were desperate for have now been discontinued so I'm scowering the internet day and night for these or an alternative that we like as much!

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