Wednesday, 3 February 2016

30 Week Bump Update!

I've already actually done this week's bump update but decided to try it out as a video instead! The link is above you there so let me know what you think and which you prefer, I think I'm going to try and alternative between a video and a post every week as I really enjoyed doing the video!

How far along: 30 Weeks + 5 Days
Days until due date: 67 Days!
My bump: Growing! I've got a proper baby bump now and I'm trying to make the most of it. 
Weight changes: 1st 5lbs. I'm not too fussed about my weight gain as I think I'm still under the "recommended" amount and she's measuring fine!
Stretch marks? Only the ones on my legs but they've been there years!
Cravings: Nothing!
Sleep: Not great, the third trimester tiredness seems to be wearing me out enough to stay asleep all night but getting comfortable enough to drop off is becoming a challenge. 
Symptoms: Other than lack of sleep, not a lot. I think my hormones are going a bit crazy and I'm panicking that I need to get everything organised even though I've got ages left. 
Best moment this week: Shopping for the final "big" items and hearing her heartbeat at my midwife appointment. 
Worst moment this week: Still some weight jibes (all in good jest but still painful sometimes!) and the beginning of Braxton Hicks!
Miss anything? Just sleep!
Maternity clothes: I am officially in my maternity clothes. I have four tops now and can still fit in two of my pre pregnancy dresses so my wardrobe is limited but I don't want to spend too much on clothing that I'll only get a few more weeks out of!
Movement: It feels more as though she's turning around than kicking me now, I can also feel her hiccup which is cute!
Gender: It's a girl! 
Belly button in/out: In
Mood: I'm trying my best to stay positive however a lack of sleep, crazed hormones and some thoughtless comments are making it hard! I feel like I'm in quite a negative place at the moment and struggling to stay up beat and happy. 
Looking forward to: Another midwife appointment this week should mean that I can hear her heartbeat again! Also her Tripp Trapp, Snuzpod and Wardrobe should be up and built by this weekend!

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