Friday, 12 February 2016

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra

 Never did I thought that the day would come where I'd be sharing my underwear on the internet, least of all my most practical rather than my most pretty. I've tried a few different nursing and maternity bras over the last couple of months and found them either unsupportive or uncomfortable when I really need them to be both! When I first received this, James and I exchanged a "oh god.." kind of glance to one another and I was filled with images of me looking like your typical pregnant middle aged mom that you see on the TV. I was however, extremely keen to give it a whirl purely to test out it's comfort as my usual bras are getting smaller and causing me backache and my other maternity bras just aren't supportive enough for my liking at the moment. All I can say is "body silk" was bang on the money, I felt totally supported yet didn't feel like I was wearing a bra at all. It was almost as though I'd got my pre-pregnancy boobs back! I was slightly dubious that it's obviously quite a lot bigger in terms of the amount of fabric than my usual choices that I might feel like I was wearing a sports bra (something I've never found comfortable in the slightest) however I don't notice that at all. I'm not sure if the thicker band at the bottom distributes the pressure across your back more evenly or what but I no longer feel the strain between my shoulder blades.
My next worry? How would it look under clothes. I first wore it on a Sunday when we were having a bit of a slob day and to be honest, you're lucky I was wearing underwear at all but then I decided to brave it at work the next day. Did you ever do that thing where you somehow forget to wear a bra to school and walk around all day convinced people are staring at your chest and must notice a huge difference? I was petrified that I would feel like that and spend all day wrapped up in my fleece desperate to get home to my underwired friends that I was familiar with. But honestly? You cannot notice a difference. The wider straps on shoulders does mean that wearing it with a vest is a no-no but I'm rather partial to a three quarter length striped top these days so it looks like every other bra underneath, just a lot more comfortable.
Obviously I haven't tried out the actual nursing function of it yet but the soft cups means that it rolls down easily and you're not constantly fighting it from springing back up and potentially getting in the way of feeding your baby. I also feel like the fact that it has soft cups means that it will mould to my body's shape as I inevitably change over the next few months. The other nursing bras that I've tried so far have all been on the cheaper side, H&M mainly, as I was thinking that I'd only be using it for a finite amount of time and thus didn't want to invest, however as my third trimester is now well and truly in full swing I've already learnt that this is not a time in my life to put a price on comfortable and practicality. The Bravado Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra is their latest offering however I'm definitely going to be look to get at least another two, if not of this design then of their Yoga designs as they are worth the £30 price tag and if they keep me comfy all of the way through nursing too, then they're worth a lot more too!

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