Sunday, 14 February 2016

Get Set for Spring with Soigne Nails!

So less than a week after writing my post on how this was no longer a stereotypical beauty blog here I am falling into the trap of pastel colours must mean spring and spring must mean posting on pastel colours! However all through winter I felt as though I couldn't really do my nails as I only have Soigné Nail Polishes as a rule and they don't really do any deep plums that I tend to reach for more throughout the winter months. What Soigné do well however, is pretty pastel shades. I was walking past my Nail Polish collection (yes I have it out and on display at all times, I don't own solely one brand for nothing ya know) when I thought on a whim "I'm going to pick my 5 favourite pastels for spring and share them!". These aren't all from a specific collection from Soigné, although the purple/nude colour is from the Macaron collection. In fact if you were after 5 colours all in one set that was perfect for spring, you wouldn't go far wrong with their Macaron collection and you'd save yourself £17 from buying them individually, however these are my top picks. 
So in clockwise order we have Creme Patisserie, Glacage Bleu, Lavende (from the Macaron collection), Menthe and then Limonade Rose. The pink Limonade Rose is definitely my most worn as it's a really pretty pastel pink shade but I love all five of them and I cannot wait for the sunny spring mornings to inspire me to paint my nails in an array of different colours every week to celebrate the better weather!

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