Wednesday, 17 February 2016

New Books from The Book People!

When I found out I was expecting little Sophie, one of the first things I wanted to buy her was books. I don't remember owning many books as a youngster however there were certain "classics" that I was desperate for her to own. Perfect timing was that The Book People started to come to where I work once a month, usually with a nice offering of things for Children. At first she got the Entire Mr Men collection for just £25! But this month I seemed to come home with my arms full after only spending £19 in total, for 14 books! The Book People are also online if you don't happen to know of somewhere near to you that they visit and the have pretty much the same great offers on their website as they seem to bring round to the office. This month Sophie got a nice big book which was "Stories for 1 year olds" I know that it's obviously a year until she'll be 1 but I don't really think there should be an age limit on which books I read to her (admittedly I won't be reciting War and Peace to her from day one but I mean in general). It's full of short stories and poems which will be fantastic for reading to her just as she's nodding off to sleep. The fact that they're all in one book is super handy as well so if she's ever on a sleepover to her Grandparents or my Sister's house she can just take one book and have loads of different stories to choose from! 
Next up was Three Tales of Acorn Wood, I've seen these out and about and I'm not sure if these are exactly the same or if they're shorter stories but these are three of only four of her "board books" that from a certain age she'll be able to turn the pages herself. They're lift the flap so they should be better for when she's a little more awake to interact with her once she's old enough yet the stories are still short enough that she won't get bored. James is already fantastic at ready to her through my belly with different voices but it's something I need to stop being so self conscious about to make the stories come alive!
The last pack was probably the best bargain of them all, I got all of these books for just £10, which is £1 per book! I'll admit there's a few in there that I've never heard of and obviously some look better than others but it's got some great books in there such as "Monkey Puzzle" and "Peace at Last". I was slightly worried that these were a little more for "boys" as it's a lot of reptiles and jungles but I'm sure she'll love them too! Her book collection is basically done now and I may do a post on it in it's entirety soon however it's rather large so bare with me on getting round to photographing it all! I'll be doing a nursery tour soon so if you look closely enough at that you'll see all of the other books I've been purchasing for her!

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