Monday, 22 February 2016

New Mum Questions Pt 3!

If you fancy catching up on parts 1 & 2 of my "New Mum Questions" then you can find those here & here. I'm going to do a round up post after the final instalment of this series (which I'll post soon) to hopefully help out any other new parents with the same queries as myself!

1. Stocking up on nappies - We've got around 100 of the first sized nappies and I think around four packs of the next two sizes up. Are we pretty much done on the newborn or will we still need more? I've seen friends say that their little one has moved up in sizes quite quickly so I didn't want to waste money on nappies that we wont use.

2. Swimming - When can we take her swimming? I love swimming and especially now it's the only thing I can really do to keep myself active. What's the youngest I can (safely) take her swimming and what equipment will I need?

3. Dr Browns Set - We've got the Dr Browns  Deluxe Newborn Set for the 1 or 2 bottles that we hope to feed her a day (of expressed milk, all being well!) - Will this be enough or do we need anything extra?

4. Towelling Down - Basically, do we need the towels with the little hoods on or are they a way of conning us Mummies and Daddies out of extra money? Will a mid sized towel do?

5. Getting Confused - I want to feed our Little One breast milk exclusively (again, all being well), however want to share some of the feeding duties with James and express some for him to bottle feed her. Is there a time limit we should wait for so as not to confuse her and potentially ruin her breast feeding? Similarly, is there a particular time of day that may be better for him to do the feed (other than the middle of the night, obviously!)

6. Car Seat Position - James is adamant that he wants her Car Seat on the passenger's side in our car in case we were to have an accident and for any reason the seat should fly into the driver's back (shouldn't happen, I know, but you try telling him that!). I'd prefer her on the driver's side to make things such as parking etc. easier, is there any reason for her to be on either?

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