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Snuzpod2 Review

One of the things that I've been really head strong about all the way through my pregnancy is co-sleeping. I'm also adamant about breast feeding and as far as I can see co-sleeping is an essential part of that during the night. Instead of clambering in and out of bed and having to lift my little one from her moses basket, I can simply slide her across, latch her on (hopefully) and feed away! I'm also one of life's natural worriers and I think having her within arms reach will help me to settle and know that she's safe and well next to me. All of this means that one of the first things I started to research into and shop around for was the best possible co-sleeper on the market and also one that looked stylish enough to not spoil the design of our bedroom.
Basing my choice of the aesthetics of something as fundamental as Little One's crib may seem vain and trivial however bare in mind that James and I have only lived in our current home since May of last year and when we furnished it head to toe in Ikea Hemnes furniture, it was like a dream come true for me. As much as our baby is the most important thing in the world to us, the fact that the Snuzpod2 looks so stylish and the white wood matches our bedroom perfectly makes me one very happy mummy. As you can see from the photos above it also has to sit right next to our chest of drawers and, rather obviously, my bedside table so as someone who cannot stand mismatched wood it pleases me greatly that it all looks seamless and as though it were meant to be together.
The photos also show that there is not a lot of wriggle room in our bedroom anymore, our house is a two bedroom end terrace and although our bedroom is a fair size, the size of our co-sleeper was actually one of the main deciding factors in the end. In these weeks before our new arrival comes, it's against the wall ready to be simply slid across and attached to my side of the bed and it currently fits in snug. As J works unsociable hours and therefore has to sleep during the day extremely often it needs to be transportable in and out of his way. I also need a little bit of room to escape for a loo break during the night or god forbid to get out and handle any poop explosions that the little one may have!
Another fantastic function of the Snuzpod2 is that the top part is actually detachable and can be sat on the floor. The plan at the moment is to have her in her own nursery and in her big cot bed for any naps during the day so that she gets used to having her own space too and hopefully make the transition into there full time when she's 6 months that bit easier. I am, however a realist and know that she may not take to being in such a huge space all on her own so I can either have her in her Snuzpod on the floor in her nursery or bring it downstairs and let her have her naps in the lounge. It's important to our family life that James gets enough quality sleep during the day so she cannot take her naps in our bedroom. I know that to begin with she'll sleep anywhere and everywhere and for the majority of the day but I'm keen to establish a routine whereby she's in her nursery and I can hopefully do a bit of blogging whilst Daddy and Baby bear sleep upstairs.
The storage underneath is an added bonus, at the moment it holds all of the scatter cushions that adorn our bed during the day but I intend to have some spare nappies, bedding and pyjamas under there once she arrives to save me having to stagger about in case of a midnight emergency. One thing I've learnt since assembling her nursery is that there really is no such thing as too much storage as not only does she have a lot of stuff, it all needs to be fairly accessible and not buried underneath each other so having somewhere on hand for things we may need during the night will be super handy.
Obviously I can't comment on its effectiveness with regards to the baby being in it yet so I'll be sure to pop up an extension or new review once we've been using it with her for a few weeks but for now, it sure does make a stylish look cushion holder and I cannot wait to get some bedding to accessorise it with and make it fit for my little Princess' arrival!

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