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BabaBing! DayTripper Deluxe Changing Bag | Review

BabaBing! DayTripper Deluxe Changing Bag £39.99 - I struggled massively when choosing my changing bag, I really didn't want something too girly as I'm not a huge girls girl myself and you so often see Dads out on their own with a changing bag covered in pink bows looking ever so slightly embarrassed. James himself said he didn't care either way and I'm sure many men don't but no, I wanted to have something unisex that anyone would feel comfortable using. I also really wanted one that would compliment our dark grey travel system and as I said previously, I'm not massively girly myself so hearts and flowers just aren't my thing. I did however want something slightly nicer than a boring black and the Mamas and Papas offering that went with our Travel System just seemed like a big handbag and not particularly practical. Another thing that shocked me was the cost, don't get me wrong I've spent more than my fair share on handbags before but part of me wanted to just buy a quicksilver school bag (we all had one and know how vast they are!) and chuck it all in there. Anything that was garish and bright seemed to cost an arm and a leg which I just couldn't justify. After what seemed like days of searching the internet high and low I finally came across this BabaBing DayTripper, it actually says on some websites that it's a paternity satchel (what they different is I don't know) but on their page it's called a changing bag. I can't remember where I bought it from in the end as there was varying offers on various different sites not long after Christmas but the price seems to range from around £55 to £39 and I know I didn't pay top dollar for it. 
Upon unboxing the changing bag I was a bit nervous that it was too small, I think in hindsight it's just ever so slightly stiff and will give way in time as we need to cram more in there but we've actually managed to fit a lot in there! It comes with so many pockets that all have little pictures of what to put where, which not only should mean that James puts everything back in the correct place, it's a nice easy reminder that you've got everything you'll need. An empty pocket will quickly show you what's supposed to be in there so you can replenish the stocks before leaving the house without any clean nappies or wipes! It's also got a cooler part that is insulated, presumably for if you're formula feeding and want to make one up before you leave? But will also be perfect for snacks and/or juice as and when the time comes. There's external pockets too for things you may need to reach for quickly. Oh and it comes with it's own foldable changing mat, perfect for being on the move and the inevitable having to use a public changing room. It does have a specific drinks cooler but I took that out (a great feature is the fact that you can take things out that you won't need), obviously I've kept it for the future but when she's breastfeeding to begin with I'd rather save the space.
We've currently got it all packed ready for when we head to the hospital to meet our new arrival but I'll be doing a separate video to go through what we've put in it so far but I cannot wait to start using this all of the time. At the moment it's sitting beautifully in our nursery until I get my bum in gear to film the "What's in my changing bag?" video and then it will go into the car for a quick getaway when the fun really starts! 

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