Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Beautiful SnuzPod Bedding

The first job that I did on my Maternity Leave was dressed my beautiful SnuzPod. Every night I go to sleep grateful that I took the plunge and purchased this co-sleeper above all of the others - it's just so stylish and sleek. It was starting to irk me slightly that it was a plain mattress with no bedding so on our last foray to Kiddicare we decided to pick up the beautiful matching bedding set to dress our Snuzpod properly. 

Our bedroom is actually all grey and white so I was leaning towards the Cloud Nine collection to keep it all tied in nicely, however I am so glad that James convinced me to purchase the Sweet tweets set instead, our Little Girl deserves a bit of pink in her co-sleeper and it actually makes a nice, bright change to our bedroom. The cellular blanket obviously won't stay tucked into the end of the bed, we plan on swaddling her in that for the first few weeks until she's big enough to use either the blanket or a grobag (Although I'm not sure a grobag will fit in her SnuzPod so we'll have to play that one by ear!). I've finished the co-sleeper off with her Jellycat Rabbit that I was thrilled to buy her, I love Jellycat and I really want this rabbit to be her go-to comforter, although I know you can't force these things on babies, it still looks cute in there for now!

We got the three piece set for £34.95 as it actually worked out the best deal in our eyes and means that we have a spare bottom sheet. We also picked up two plain white ones just in case of emergencies but I'm going to show you all our "emergency basket" another day. The only other thing we purchased for our SnuzPod was the mattress protector, a vital investment in our eyes! We didn't go for any of the pockets etc as considering where it'll be placed, we just don't have a need for them and everything we will need (or so we think) goes in her basket underneath. 

This Snuzpod just looks like perfection now in my eyes, every morning when I wake up it's the first thing I see and I just can't wait to place my beautiful baby girl in there and be able to reach out and comfort her whenever she needs me. It really is my favourite piece of furniture that we've bought for Little One and I can't tell you how thankful I am that we chose this one above all others. 

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