Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Becoming A Medela Mum

When I first found out that I was expecting, I'll admit that I was unsure whether or not I'd express. Breast feeding was a no brainer for me for numerous reasons but expressing still seemed like one step further into the unknown. I was terrified of feeling (and looking) like a cow being milked and was just worried that it would all feel so uncomfortable for very little gain, surely I could just feed my baby myself until she started having cows milk? However as I've expressed many times here on my blog, pregnancy changes you, I want what is best for both my daughter and my family so whilst I want to feed Sophie solely on breast milk (until she's ready for weening etc) I'm willing to share some of the job with James and any other family members who want to give her a bottle.
I soon came to change my mind on expressing, raising that it was actually a fantastic way to share both the feeding and the bonding that comes with that with James, it would almost be unfair of me to leave him out from feeding her as I know he's keen to do as much as he can. It also means that when visitors and family come round, they can feed her too should they wish. I think it's something quite precious to feed a newborn baby so it would be selfish of me to keep all of that to myself, plus I know that I'll be more than grateful for someone else being able to get up and do the occasional night feed! The next step was obviously to research into breast pumps, manual vs electric, single vs double, the possibilities seemed endless and I had no idea where to start. I shy away from the reviews that you see on the websites as I feel like you generally only see the negative so I turned to the likes of mumsnet and good old twitter to see which brands and models were the ones to go for. One name that kept coming up over and over again was Medela and the swing model seemed to be the best of the best. Easy to use, the most comfortable by far and the best results which is really what it's all about. The maxi version is the double pump meaning that you can really maximise what you express.
We will be waiting until she's around 6 weeks old to introduce her to a bottle just to avoid confusion between that and breast however thanks to Medela, I am well and truly kitted out and ready for expressing! I actually let out a squeal of excitement when I received the email asking if I would like to be a Medela Mum, I never pictured myself having a "dream breast pump" but my Mummy brain took over and I was thrilled. My kit includes the Swing Maxi Pump for maximum expressing in the shortest amount of time, the Harmony manual single pump which will be great for either a small top up or for when we go away in July and as well as a bundle of other extras such as some Lanolin Cream, Steriliser Bags and Pump and Save Bags. I'm actually really happy that we received the bags for me to store my milk in as I'll admit we're using the Dr Browns bottles for feeding her due to their excellent reputation for reducing wind so it'll be super easy to transfer.
As much as the bond that Sophie and I will develop through breastfeeding is second to none, I am thrilled to be able to share that with James as much as physically possible and I know that when I need a Mummy Break it will come in so handy to be able to leave her with someone and not have to worry about being back in time to feed her. Thanks so much to Medela for my package, watch this space for my breastfeeding diaries on how it all goes!

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