Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Bloom & Wild Flower Delivery

If there is one thing that never fails to brighten up my home it's fresh flowers, I've often toyed with the idea of buying silk just so that I can have them on display permanently but they're just not the same. When I was offered the chance to receive the beautiful Sofia Bouquet from Bloom & Wild Flower Delivery I jumped at the chance, I chose the Sofia in honour of our baby girl, Sophie and they are just as beautiful as she is (okay maybe not quite, but she is jolly beautiful!).
If you haven't already heard of Bloom & Wild then they are a flower delivery service but with a big difference, the flowers are packaged so that they will fit through your letterbox. Perfect if you want to send someone flowers but avoid the extortionate charges that some companies add on for a timed service. We were actually in when these flowers arrived and I had a couple of other parcels being delivered so our Postman actually knocked on the door to give them to James however we have checked and had we been out then they would have fit through the letterbox no problem. My only tiny reservation is whether or not my Dog would rip open the box but that's definitely my issue and not theirs. He seems to like sweet smelling things as my The Melt Crowd boxes always used to get chewed - don't ask. The packaging itself is as stylish as it is sturdy which is essentially everything that you would want in packaging! The roses and lilies have individual netting to protect them from any harm and obviously all of the flowers are laid flat. James did say that he didn't like the fact that they had to be arranged once they arrived but what does he know?! Even flowers delivered by local florists need a bit of titivating and I for one enjoy putting them all where I want them.
Another service that Bloom & Wild offer is a monthly subscription service which is something that I am really interested in. As I said previously I love having fresh flowers in my home but never get round to buying any, or when I do come to do so I get put off by the price. The longevity of the flowers that I was sent (they lasted weeks) and the ease of signing up to a service that will pay for and deliver them for me once a month (you can choose weekly or fortnightly deliveries too should you wish but these last so long that I don't really think you'd need them any more regularly). I'm not sure if I can justify it whilst I'm on maternity pay but as we're looking to buy our forever home next year it's something I am without a doubt signing up to then!
I know that my Grandma definitely deserves some flowers sending to her (although she doesn't have a letterbox, she is generally always in to receive parcels) after she's been so wonderful throughout my pregnancy and I know that Bloom & Wild is exactly where I'm going to go for her. They currently have 9 different bouquets to choose from (some are slightly more expensive but they're all around £20/£30) so there's something to suit all tastes. I think I'll go for The Sienna next time as the colours are beautifully bright for Summertime.

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