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Cloud Nine - The White Touch | Review

The White Touch by Cloud Nine £99 - Firstly apologies for the rubbish photos, it's harder to photograph Hair Straighteners than you might think and these pictures are actually months old now. I've been debating whether or not to post this review as I don't actually own this model of hair straightener any more but they're quite different to your normal GHDs so I thought I'd give them a quick mention. The main difference is that they are touch sensitive, meaning that all you need to do is "clap" them together for them to turn on and they'll start heating up straight away. If you then don't use them for 30 seconds then they'll start to cool themselves down and turn off, this means that obviously you can't leave them on by mistake but I've spoken to quite a few people who have admitted they wouldn't trust them to turn off by themselves (just in case) and so would turn them off at the plug each time you were totally finished with them. It does sound great in principle however if you're having a bad morning then the costing beeping of them turning themselves on when you put the plates together and then beeping again because you've not been quick enough to separate your next piece of hair and they're turning off can actually get a little annoying. I think a 60 second timer would have been better personally as particularly when curling my hair, 30 seconds is not long enough for me to prepare the next section of my hair. You can also close the irons together twice in quick succession to change the heat setting which I personally never did as I just don't find the cooler settings on Straightening Irons effective in my hair, but does make them more versatile. Now I do have to say, I started using these in September of 2015 and the first week in January 2016 they broke, it just so happens that it was when we cleared out our dressing room to transform it into the Nursery but after trying several plugs in the house they just did a continuous beep and never heated up. Annoying yes but I understand that the more technology you put into a product, the more likely it is to go wrong and there may have been teething problems so I would never hold a one off thing against a company. It irked me slightly that it took Cloud Nine over a week to get back to me and two attempts to send me a returns bag but possibly more so because I had literally just thrown away my old, but still functioning GHDs so I'd left myself completely straightener-less. I will admit that I was sent a replacement within the next week which was a lot faster than I was expecting, however was disappointed that I received no correspondence in the mean time to say what the fault was or what action they were going to take. They didn't send me a like-for-like product back either, instead they sent back their "The Original Iron" which they say it a superior product (and does cost £30 more) but I personally really don't like them. To me the quality of the actual iron isn't as good and it doesn't glide through my hair anywhere near as easily as The Touch did, plus the curls I do put it don't seem to last as long. It's your usual Iron with an on and off switch however you can control the temperature. That's great for people with fine hair but for my thicker tresses I always need it on the highest setting yet the Irons don't have the function to remember my last preference (The Touch either did, or automatically went on to the highest each time), meaning that many a time I'll quickly flick my straighteners on only to go to use them a minute later and find I've forgotten to bump the heat setting up two notches and then have to wait another 60 seconds or so for them to reach my optimum temperature. Oh and they just don't look as pretty either. I don't think that Cloud Nine particularly did anything wrong and I'm sure they had the best of intentions but now I feel as though I'm stuck in a situation where I have to invest in more new straighteners (and will be going back to GHD) because the replacement that they sent me just doesn't work as well as I want or need it to and the fact that I wasn't asked kind of bugged me. Many people will have chosen a certain model for a reason and I think to just send back something different without even offering the choice is a bit bad, it wouldn't take much for an email to say "we've found the fault and are replacing your irons, would you like the same model again or we can offer you x instead which we feel are better for z reasons" and then people can choose themselves. It comes across that they have identified a wider issue with the Touch model and are steering away from sending them back and felt as though they obviously have no faith in them, which leaves me with little faith in the Irons that I do have and is why I will now try and save up for some GHDs (probably never going to happen on Maternity Pay but they can go on my birthday list!). I also need a curling wand and have looked at the Cloud Nine offerings but again, I'm now dubious. For me, The Touch irons were fab, they heat up quickly, I personally didn't have a problem with trusting them to turn off on their own and they looked beautiful on my all-white dressing table. However I am now without my Touch Irons and kind of really wish I had them back! 

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